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Tuesday 16 March 2021

Julie Burchill And A Sick Media Class

Last December, sad has-been Julie Burchill discovered that her then publisher, at whose insistence she had temporarily left Twitter, had decided not to publish her latest book. She declared that she was going to be a “cause célèbre”, and in this she was right. The only problem was that it was a campaign that developed not necessarily to her advantage.

Julie Burchill - repenting at leisure

This was because her departure from Twitter followed a defence of Rod Liddle’s mildly creepy admission that he did not go into teaching because he would have wanted to “shag the kids”. Liddle mentioned Year 10, which means pupils of ages 14 and 15. One of those passing severely adverse comment on Liddle’s article was Ash Sarkar.

Ash Sarkar

For having the audacity to object to her pal Rod’s outpourings, Ms Burchill subjected Ms Sarkar to an especially vicious tirade, the content of which resulted in Ms Sarkar instructing lawyers. The resulting threat of a defamation action, which Ms Burchill was almost certain to have lost, has now generated a suitably grovelling apology [HERE].

So far, so predictable and regrettable, but yet more instructive are Ms Sarkar’s comments on the affair [emphases mine]. “In December Julie Burchill accused me of worshipping a paedophile and called me an Islamist. After legal action, she has apologised in full for these falsehoods, for playing into ‘Islamophobic tropes’ and making ‘racist and misogynist’ comments about my appearance and sex life”. There was more.

Women of colour in public life are subject to harassment, abuse and threats … Unfortunately, this isn't just the work of online trolls. It's facilitated and tacitly encouraged by some in the press … It's vital that we have an honest conversation about the nastier aspects of our media culture, and try and make it better for everyone”.

What Ms Sarkar might have meant by “some in the press” can be glimpsed by observing those who leapt to Ms Burchill’s defence, notably Brendan O’Neill of Spiked, so called because it should have been long ago, who claimed dishonestly that this was all about “cancel culture” and Ms Burchill had merely “made fun of Islam”. It was all such fun that Ms Sarkar had been subject to death threats, and threatened with sexual assault.

Defending the indefensible - Brendan O'Neill ...

Also leaping to Ms Burchill’s defence was the loathsome Toby Young and his so-called Free Speech Union, who declared that she was a member of his gang and “we will be taking up her case. Appeasement is like feeding a crocodile in the hope he will eat you last”. Tobes has thus far been silent on the result of Ms Sarkar’s legal action.

... the loathsome Tobes ...

These two less than totally august individuals were joined in their defence of Ms Burchill by self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Brewer, who demanded of Miqdaad Versi from the Muslim Council of Britain that he inform her what was Islamophobic about what had been said to Ms Sarkar. Ms Hartley Dooda has also been silent on the case thus far, preferring to propagate the myth that the dastardly EU is cancelling our vaccines.

... and Julia Hartley Dooda

Three representatives of our free and fearless press, all ready to defend Ms Burchill, and entirely by coincidence you understand, the kind of media people you would see at the increasingly alt-right Spectator magazine’s Summer parties. Along with Rod Liddle.

All ready to play the victim while defending the indefensible. Nasty aspects, indeed.

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Dotcom Computers said...

Didn't Tobes also make a comment about how his wife stopped him from being a nonce?

Arnold said...

Strange that someone can claim knowledge of the Prophet's wives but not that it was blasphemy to worship him.

J said...

Can you imagine if Burchill (helium girl) and ben shapiro (helium boy) had a kid... their childs voice would be in the ultrasonic sound range.

Also, can you imagine being so sad that having everything you ever wanted thrown at your feel that your only additional want was to be unaccepted. Why are these people so damn mundane (and why do they all go from being "radical" to the most boring normies around (like everyone from living marxist became neo-fash capitalist conformists, whats up with that?).

Anonymous said...

Another example of how Britain has taken the first steps down the road to overt media fascism.

Each day is a further slow incremental step in that direction.

These people are beyond disgusting. They have cauterised whatever humanity they may once have had. Yesterday's performance at the dispatch box by Patel was still another example.

The aggregate effect is a nation dying on its knees through injected venom.

Gulliver said...

These members of the press that Ash Sarkar writes about, would this me the same press that were only last week were insisting they were not at all racist in the fallout from the Harry & Meghan interview?

It would be good if someone other than the usual left wing media voices actually made this connection.

Nigel Stapley said...

I'm amused at the idea that anyone could think Burchill would ever do anything which wasn't offensive.

Has Tony Parsons been approached for a comment, d'you know?

Anonymous said...

To 12:52.

Could you please identify "left wing media" and its "voices"?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

"It is a free press...There are laws to protect the freedom of the press's speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press."
- Mark Twain, License of the Press speech.

Jez Box said...

"I have agreed to pay substantial damages to Ash Sarkar and her legal costs. "

hahahahahahahahahahahaha suck it up you fat has-been trollop

Anonymous said...

God help the kid. She'd more likely abandon it the same way she did her two sons when she walked out on their fathers.

Jonathan said...

Has Piers Morgan flounced off TV in protest? He who doesn't believe a word of Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey last week, when she clearly expressed her suicidal thoughts and depression and the lack of help from the Royal Family..

When challenged on his toxic views on MM, Morgan flounced off no doubt for a bigger payday ..

Until TV networks and Thier newspaper owners are found to be personally and criminally liable for racist, misogynistic, homophobic and other illegal name calling them it will continue

Gulliver said...

@Anonymous - 16 March 2021 at 13:38.

"Could you please identify "left wing media" and its "voices"?

Thanks in advance."

Well Anonymous, if you don't know who they are then you have just validated my point.

You welcome!

Loobs said...

Amateur-SJW Johnathan's whinge list of "racist, misogynistic, homophobic" was surely short of a few trigger words. "Bigot, Nazi, Fascist, Islamophobic, Transphobic etc etc" are just a few more that he / she / it should have used to really really really prove to the shit-dont-stink crowd just how offended he /she/ it really is.

Anonymous said...

To ,13:38.

So who are "they"?

Go on, have another go.

In your own time.

N said...

Its impossible to tell what you're on about, but then again I don't think you're probably intelligent enough to understand yourself what your fevered and worthless outpourings are.

I noticed a few neo-Nazi phrasings in your strange and unintelligible post, but apart from that your actual opinion is not clear.