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Wednesday 24 October 2018

Stewart Jackson - Officially A Shit

Last Saturday’s march in London for a so-called Peoples Vote, on whatever deal Theresa May manages to bring back from her negotiations with the EU, saw some on the Leave side becoming more than slightly frayed at the edges. Perhaps the sight of around 700,000 people out on the capital’s streets showing their disquiet at the current state of affairs had something to do with it. But nothing excused Stewart Jackson’s response.
Stewart Jackson. No longer an MP

The deeply unsavoury former MP for Peterborough, whose constituents wisely dispensed with his services last year, had responded in his usual inimitable style to Anthony Hobley, who had Tweeted out a photo of his stepson recovering from a collarbone operation in Great Ormond Street Hospital. The Guardian duly reported on the exchanges.

Hobley “had tweeted the picture of his 11-year-old stepson, who was in Great Ormond Street hospital recovering from an operation and had been upset to miss the People’s Vote march in London … [he] had dislocated his collarbone playing football and was given a slot for his operation on Friday, having planned to go with his family to the … march”. In waded Jackson. “On Monday night, Jackson replied: ‘What a pathetic cretin.’

Condemnation rained down on Jerk Stew, but he was not for apologising. Instead, he doubled down. “I think it’s awful that people with extreme views on remain like this parent should invade a sick child’s privacy to make a political point”. What’s “extreme” about going on a march with 700,000 others? And behaving yourself into the bargain?
Fellow Tories (but not Nadine Dorries) joined the condemnation, with Sam Gyimah telling “Dehumanising and derogatory language, no matter how strongly you agree, is unacceptable in our political discourse”. Heidi Allen, who represents South Cambridgeshire, called Jackson “a pathetic, unkind and nasty man”.

But then, Jerk Stew has significant previous for this kind of thing. After the Parliamentary expenses watchdog sued him over £54,000 in notional capital gains on his constituency home, he slagged off papers that passed adverse comment on him. He responded to a journalist concerned over the dishonesty of much of what was told to the electorate by the Leave side in the referendum with “Suck it up whiner”.

Wikipedia tells us thatIP addresses from inside the Houses of Parliament have often edited the Wikipedia biographies of politicians including Jackson in an attempt to remove details on the parliamentary expenses scandal … and attempts have been made to remove details of Jackson's interaction with a lesbian constituent”. No comment.
Then, “After losing his seat in 2017, Jackson contacted a former constituent who had been critical of him on Facebook to call him a ‘thick chav’, and also wrote: ‘If you print any shit about me on Facebook in the future you will regret it’”. Yeah, right.

The saddest thing about Stewart Jackson’s most recent exhibition of inadequate behaviour, though, is that no-one who has seen this individual in action will be the least bit surprised. He is an utter and complete shit, and totally without any redeeming feature.

Yet the Tory Party allowed him to become an MP. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

I hope the demonstration for a People's Vote has more effect than the demonstration to stop Blair/Brown's accomplice mass murder invasion and destruction of Iraq. But I wouldn't make book on it - the latter demonstration had even more people in attendance. All New Labour, the tories and LibDems did was to ignore it.

Jackson, of course, is par for the same course. A deeply unpleasant, nauseating excuse for Homo sapiens.

Anonymous said...

He only tweeted what we are all thinking of him.

Anonymous said...

"Let's be civil on here" except moi?

Nick63 said...

Talking of deeply unpleasant Tory shits, Andrew Rosindell is still an MP and posted this on Titter a few days ago...

"The shameful behaviour and vandalism of the #ParadeOfLosers in London showed these people up for the unpatriotic, undemocratic bullies they are - shouting obscenities and rounding on me like a mob as I attempted to enter my office, yet @Anna_Soubry calls them her “friends”!"