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Friday 26 October 2018

Mail’s Chief Corbyn Smearer CAUGHT LYING

When to comes to attacking the Labour Party, and its leader Jeremy Corbyn, over accusations of anti-Semitism, one hack has accumulated a large stack of by-lines, and that hack is Mail Online’sassociate global editor” Jake Wallis Simons. Sadly, his quest to smear Labour over anti-Semitism has suffered a setback, after he was caught lying .
As Jewish Voice for Labour has told under the headlineMail Online apologises for alleging JVL leaders ‘disciplined for racism’”, “On 15 October, Mail Online published a piece by its Associate Global Editor, Jake Wallis Simons, headlined ‘Group whose leaders have been disciplined for racism gives anti-Semitism training to Labour party’”.

There was more. “It contained numerous misleading and mischievous statements about Jewish Voice for Labour, including accusations against senior members of JVL that were factually untrue and defamatory … When challenged in writing by JVL officers, the Mail withdrew the story”. It has now published a significantly sized “correction” and apology.

But those who look in regularly on Zelo Street will know that this is not all one needs to know about Wallis Simons, who is also happy to contribute to the cesspit of Islamophobic bigotry that is the Spectator magazine, through whose good offices he has shared one of those platforms with nailed-on bigot Doug Murray The K.
It was also Wallis Simons who wrote the hatchet job on Steve Walker of Swkawkbox fame, inferring he was profiting from selling services to the NHS. It was left to Walker to reveal “we don't sell anything to the NHS. We provide a *free* service to the NHS that lets those who use it cut costs on their correspondence by up to 70%. For free”.

It was Wallis Simons who produced the suspiciously-edited video where Corbyn talks about “Zionists” not having a British sense of irony, suggesting that this meant anti-Semitism. Sadly, he failed to notice that those Jezza addressed made a habit of turning up at pro-Palestine events and disrupting them, and that Judaism does not equal Zionism.
Perhaps now some of Wallis Simons’ more creative headlines will also come under scrutiny, such asJeremy Corbyn sings Communist anthem with activists who shared shocking anti-Semitic posts about the 'ugly Israeli species’”. That meant he had joined in a chorus of The Red Flag. Which is sung at the close of every Labour Conference.

Or how about his claimThe moment Met police armed with MACHINE GUNS throw Jewish audience members out of pro-Palestinian Labour event at Parliament”. Jonathan Hoffman, another regular protester, was one of those ejected. But not for being Jewish. Another Wallis Simons whopper wasLabour leader demanded boycott on Arsenal FC - who he supports”. Except Corbyn has never boycotted an Arsenal game.
And remember this one: “Jeremy Corbyn said British 'Zionists' have 'no sense of English irony despite having lived here all their lives' and 'need a lesson', while giving speech alongside Islamic extremists at a conference publicised by Hamas' military wing”. The “extremist” was the Palestinian Ambassador. And Hamas was not present.

Now that Jake Wallis Simons has been caught lying, perhaps more of his targets will call out his singularly creative brand of journalism. I’ll just leave that one there.
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