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Saturday 20 October 2018

Frances Barber’s Huddersfield Meltdown

Most of those in the acting profession keep their politics to themselves, and after seeing the latest nocturnal Twitter ramblings from Labour supporter turned Labour basher Frances Barber, it is not hard to see why. She has taken the news of 20 men being convicted over the grooming of young girls in the Huddersfield area as her latest excuse to project all the resulting ills directly on to Jeremy Corbyn.
But she is prepared to speak up for one Labour MP, Sarah Champion, who represents Rotherham. If only she could get her facts in a line when doing her defending. As has happened before, her thoughts come tumbling out in a stream of incoherent half-truths and downright falsehoods. But it is all capital entertainment value.
It must be hard to cling onto @UKLabour membership at the moment. Anti women, anti Semitic, orders to Front Bench not to attend #peoplesmarch, Trans with no surgery as women’s officers being revolting on social media, sacked @SarahChampionMP fully vindicated for her concerns”. Oh, folly folly! Francie Barbload in Tweety flollop!
One Labour member tried to engage with her on the Trans comments. She should not have bothered. “Ian Huntley is now a woman. Happy with that?What? What’s that got to do with Labour? What was she on about? Again, best not to have asked. “Because it’s@UKLabour policy. Not up to speed?” What Ian Huntley does is Labour policy?
Moving right along, the next phase of the meltdown was threats. After another Labour member responded “I’m very happy with my Labour membership. Have you been at the koolaid?” [subtle by comparison] Ms Barber retorted “Do you remotely think this will get your Messiah into number 10? Your abuse is being monitored. Be careful”. Considering she has admitted being pissed while Tweeting in the past, she has no room to talk.
Then it was on to Ms Champion. “MP’s are supposed to represent us & reflect our opinions & concerns for their constituents. @SarahChampionMP did. Got sacked by Corbyn & his misogyny for expressing her deep concerns about child abuse. Today she is a champion. Thankyou Sarah”. No. She left the Labour front bench after unwisely putting her name to an article in the Murdoch Sun, which was then used by the deeply unpleasant Trevor Kavanagh to justify hisMuslim Problem” piece. Facts, Frances, facts.
Facts? Sorry, she was too busy blaming Jezza for the Huddersfield case. “Corbyn sacked @SarahChampionMP for highlighting this abhorrent peodophilia [sic]. He’s always on the right side of History”. He really, really didn’t. But worse was to come.
Ann Cryer screamed this years ago. She was ignored too. Rotherham report 'reduced me to tears', says MP who exposed abuse decade ago”. In fact, Ms Cryer, having had no success with the same Police force now coming under scrutiny for their initial response to the Huddersfield abuse, worked with the then Labour Government to have grooming made a criminal offence, and later five of those who had been identified as abusing young girls in her Keighley constituency were jailed. Corbyn was not involved. Not even slightly.

Many agencies have failed young and vulnerable girls recently. None of them are called the Labour Party. And none of them are headed by Jeremy Corbyn. End of story.
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Anonymous said...

There have been problems with various Yorkshire police forces for many years.

Hillsborough, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Nah, you are in denial, Ms Barber is right. I for one find it impossible to support the Labour of Corbyn, Khan, McDonnell & Abbott, none speak for the white working class, ie Labour is further from it's roots than ever.

Mark said...

Anon at 17:35 - Tony Blair did nothing for the white working class. And why specify white anyway? The class struggle has no colour, that's when we really are in this together.

Frances Barber is terrifying really. Just a prime example of a little fame and a little brain

Anonymous said...

Good grief. There should be a law against Tweeting under the influence - of anything.

Even that scumbag Lennon/Robinson didn't blame Corbyn for grooming.

He might have tried, of course, had he thought of it.

Anonymous said...

Hate-spitting lying Barber is one very good motivation for supporting Jeremy Corbyn.

Anonymous said...

I was amused at the irony of Barber and all the Corbyn-haters yesterday who kept harping on about why he was in Chile rather than the People's March...it was ironic that these remainers would show such me me me xenophobia towards a foreign country, but the irony was lost on them. One idiot even said Corbyn's non attendance was 'sinister' WTF?!

Unknown said...

And you probably don't belong to the working class either. White?? Probably not! Or going to be anything to do with the roots of the Labour Party.