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Saturday 27 October 2018

Katie Hopkins Says Bombs Don’t Go Bang

While our own political leaders continue to have difficulty getting their heads around the sure and certain knowledge that whatever deal they get from the EU, the UK will be in a less good position after Brexit than beforehand, those in the USA are gearing up for crucial elections: next month brings the Mid-Terms, expected to deliver a less than totally favourable verdict on the leadership of Combover Crybaby Donald Trump.
Viewers may still want to look away now

And into an already highly partisan and combustible mix has been thrown not just one bomb scare, but a whole series of them: pipe bombs were sent to a slew of well-known Democrats and others who had passed adverse comment on The Donald. Almost as one, the right-wing commentariat Stateside declared this to be a Democrat “false flag” operation. They were joined in this by pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins.
Hatey Katie’s first ploy was one of deflection, and shooting the messenger: after AP corrected their claim that an explosive device had been found at the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and confirmed that the device addressed to them was in fact intercepted at a nearby postal facility, she sniped “The weaponised ‘journalism’ of @AP”.
Yeah - look everyone, it’s Fake News! Except that it is normal journalistic practice to correct previous statements if they are found to have been made in error. AP had done nothing out of the ordinary, and certainly not “weaponised”. One Tweeter also remained her “Maybe if you had corrected yourself quickly, Abu Hopkins, you wouldn't have lost your house and had to apply for an IVA in order to avoid bankruptcy”. Ouch!
Cesar Sayoc - a real suspect, accused of sending real bombs

But that, as can be seen, wasn’t very effective, so it was on to the invention and dismissal phase. “Hoax bombs (not capable of exploding) mailed to sorting houses. Press plan: Alexander Soros article goes live … CNN staged evacuation ‘live on air’ … De Blasio ‘terror attack’ … Clinton camera time … Press pics of ‘bombs’ … Hashtag #MAGABomber mobilised … Puh’lease”. Except they weren’t hoaxes.
As JJ MacNab has confirmed, “FBI: Mail Bombs Were ‘Not Hoax Devices’”. They were capable of going bang. Very loudly. Worse for Ms Hopkins and all her pals in the right-wing US media, the suspect, far from being some kind of Democrat subversive, turned out to be a fanatical Trump supporter who even plastered his truck (Transit type van for those in the UK) with pro-Donald and anti-Democrat images and messages.
Those included putting crosshairs over the heads of his least favourite Dems. The man, Cesar Sayoc, also has a significant criminal record. He faces five charges including mailing explosives and threatening ex-presidents. And the FBI has confirmed that what he sent in the post was not a hoax. Yet Katie Hopkins says it’s all fake.

Such is the ability of the far right to dismiss all inconvenient facts as “Fake News” and substitute their opinions as fact instead. I mean, it worked so well when she shot her mouth off about Jack Monroe, didn’t it? Or maybe, whisper it quietly, it didn’t.
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Unknown said...

She's not the sharpest tool in the box....what a clown.

rob said...

She's just like Trump a narcissist but without the mob ties to get her very far.

Best to ignore her. Don't give her the oxygen of being thought worthy of attention.

iMatt said...

Hopkins is clearly ill. And her long-term prognosis does not look at all good.