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Thursday 25 October 2018

Nigel Farage Complicit In Terrorism

Despite his continual lack of regular appearances at the European Parliament, former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage has found plenty of ways to engineer More And Bigger Self-Promotion Opportunities For Himself Personally Now. Most of these provide him with the means to shoot his mouth off on a variety of subjects, which of late have included liberal philanthropist George Soros.
Squeaky FBI subpoena finger up the bum time

Soros has been donating to a variety of causes for decades. But until late last year, Nige had mentioned him during his Twitter excursions just once, in August 2011. Characteristically, Nige lied about what was said: “George Soros wants the EU to become a debt union. That's not what we joined in 1973”. Soros was talking about Eurozone debt, and of course the UK is not part of the Eurozone. Ho hum.
But then in November last year, Farage was suddenly energised to talk about Soros once again. “George Soros has spent billions in the EU to undermine the nation state. This is where the real international political collusion is”. Also not true, but this was not the point. The point was to demonise George Soros. And in January, back he came.
Soros sounds like Tony Blair. They believe Brexit and Trump are temporary blips. They are wrong - we want our nation states”. Lying again. We have our nation state already. It’s called the UK. Still, on to February and an appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. “George Soros, the man who 'broke the Bank of England', interferes in elections and referendums all over the world. Open Society is the biggest campaign group we have ever seen”. Lying again. Open Society is not a campaign group.
George Soros - demonised again

However, by May he had taken his inflammatory and dishonest rhetoric to the USA, appearing on Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) with wacko host Tucker Carlson to claim “George Soros seems to be going ever so slightly mad” and spreading the usual frighteners about migrants and refugees. Carlson stands accused of promoting white supremacism, but denies he is a racist.
Then, with the eyes of those Stateside on him, off went Nige again. “George Soros' US money has been flowing into Europe in a huge way for many years. He's even funding efforts for a second EU referendum”. No citation, as they say. And off he went again. “Orbán's Hungary is standing up to George Soros and closing him down, I wish we all did the same”. Hmmm, how might one “close down” George Soros?

As if you need to ask, as we now know just where Farage’s, and others’, rhetoric leads, with the newsSuspected explosive devices were sent to former US President Barack Obama and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the US Secret Service has said … It comes two days after a bomb was found at the home of liberal philanthropist and financier George Soros in the suburbs of New York City”.
As with all the far right scream merchants, Farage is ducking and diving today, ignoring the obvious link between his incendiary ranting and the targeting of George Soros. And as with the rest of the far right, he is full of crap. He is complicit in these acts.

The only redeeming factor is that, so far, there has not been a body count. Not clever.
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Anonymous said...

Farage is of course a nutcase.

But I might have some sympathy for Soros if I didn't know he "earned" his billions through international currency scams. The fellow is about as "liberal" as Ayn Rand or Gordon Gekko. His "democracy" is a self-serving ponzi racket. Note that corporate media NEVER talk of HIS meddling in elections.

Farage V Soros is a far right faction fight, nothing more. One is as bad as the other.

Nemo said...

Far from being a 'nutcase'; Nigel Farage is a sane, self-centred, parasitic con-artist.

Seeing as a scam is by definition an illegal way of making money, I do not see how Soros' calculation that Sterling was vastly overvalued and then speculating on it falls into unlawful activity.

nparker said...


Oh, Anonymous, go away. Soros is a philanthropist and a great man. I don't particularly care about his entirely legal givings of money.

This despicable murder attempt on an elderly Jewish, Holocaust survivor trying to do what he thinks will help the world must be condemned without ANY exceptions or other comment whatsoever.

The idea him and Farage are the same is obscene. Obscene and sickening.

rob said...

Farage is the UK version of Trump/Murdoch's Fox news attempts to incite the far right extremists through the violence of words and dressed up lies.

We need the MSM here to make greater effort to call them out like Maddow is doing in the US and not leave it to bloggers like Tim who unfortunately are only going to reach a small audience.