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Saturday 13 October 2018

Punish A Muslim Day - Alt-Right BUSTED

Rebel Media’s resident creep Jack Buckby was in his element in June this year, telling faithful followersRemember ‘Punish a Muslim Day’? The day where no Muslims were punished, but far-left activists and politicians went along with the story anyway, because it fits their ‘Islamophobia’ agenda? Well now there’s another one. It’s called ‘Punish a Muslim Day 2’ - and yes, it’s just as fake as the first day”. And there was more.
Everything about this screams ‘obvious fake.’ The upbeat language, the exclamation! The obviously smug and sarcastic tone. What ‘Islamophobe’ would say ‘You’re awesome!’ to those who ‘participated’ in the last event? … This is beyond ridiculous. I shouldn’t even have to write an article debunking this lunacy, but I know the left will jump on it. And soon enough, Muslim politicians will be receiving fake letters and crying racism”.

Bonehead Buckby concluded “This is the work of a smug leftist who sees anyone who cares about religious extremism, hatred, and violence, as a knuckle-dragging, bone-headed racist”. He was not alone in dismissing the story, as the convocation of the irredeemably batshit otherwise known as Breitbart demonstrated.
Despite a number of Muslim activists, politicians, and others attempting to whip up hysteria over a letter calling on people to attack Muslims, few, if any, actual attacks were reported … The ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ hysteria stemmed from members of the British and U.S. Muslim community receiving anonymous letters over the last few weeks that encouraged violence toward Muslims, including four Labour MPs.”

The claims that the letters were fake had one more notable advocate, as Zelo Street noted at the time. Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam, an appallingly immodest individual with much to be modest about, talked of “Calling BULLSHIT” on the letters. But then the BBC reported “A man accused of sending letters promoting ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ has been charged with soliciting to murder”. He was even named: David Parnham, from Lincoln. Parnham has links to UKIP. He is, whisper it quietly, not a “leftist”.
The Beeb has now toldA man has admitted sending hundreds of racist letters nationwide including calls for a ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ … David Parnham, 35, sent the letters to mosques, Muslim parliamentarians including Lord Ahmed of Wimbledon, the Queen, David Cameron and Theresa May … He pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to 15 offences, including soliciting to murder and staging a bomb hoax … Parnham, of St Andrews Close, Lincoln, was remanded in custody and will be sentenced at a later date”.

That report also notes that “One of his poison hoaxes was so sophisticated that it triggered a chemical attack alert at a Royal Mail sorting office in Sheffield … The following February, he targeted mosques around the UK. One letter to worshippers in Hull included a warning that they were going to be ‘slaughtered very soon’”.
So what are Breitbart and Rebal Media saying today? Where is the Twitter outrage from “Call me Ray”? When will there be the noble and principled recantation? They’re silent, there isn’t any, and there won’t be any. They aren’t big enough to say sorry.

The Alt-Right are just full of wind and piss. No change there, then.
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Arnold said...

"What ‘Islamophobe’ would say ‘You’re awesome!’ ".He's got a point.
"Yore awesome!". Yes.
"Your awesome!". Yes.
"You’re awesome!". No.

Anonymous said...

According to your beloved quran everyday is punish an infidel day.

Tim Fenton said...


Whose Qur'an would that be?

Anonymous said...

When did you convert? Or are you just too afraid to stick your head over the parapet and address the scourge that threatens all the social progress we have made?

Tim Fenton said...


What is the relevance of "Converting"?

And what is this "scourge" of which you speak?

Anonymous said...

But, as we can see from our happy little fascist troll, unless we hate Muslims then we must be Muslim – there can obviously be no other choice, just hate or be.

Arnold – you forgot ‘u r awesome’ and ‘ur orsum’, and all the uneducated variations they could come up with.