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Monday 8 October 2018

Racist Bigots BANNED By Facebook

These are trying times for the Traditional Britain Group. Shunned by so many mainstream politicians after Jacob Rees Mogg was rightly castigated for appearing at their annual gathering, ridiculed over their head man Gregory “Lauder” Frost being exposed as a fraud for claiming to be 100% British when in fact he is an Australian immigrant, the last thing they needed was to fall foul of simple social media terms and conditions.
He's not a Lauder. He's not even a very naughty boy

But, sad to say, that is exactly what has happened to TBG. Facebook has decided that they can get along fine without this motley band of bigots and has slapped a 30 day ban on them. And rather than taking their punishment like good honest Brits (or, in the case of plain Greg Frost, pretend Brits) and learn from their experience, TBG has decided to kick off big time about being pushed around by these ghastly colonials.

Facebook has today taken down the main Traditional Britain Group page for the second time and banned at least four page editors as well, without giving any reason or allowing any further appeal. Both occasions occurred when the page was just short of 50,000 'likes'. Everyone should be concerned by this gross violation of the fundamental right to freedom of speech” they protest. FREEZE PEACH! It’s about FREEZE PEACH!
There was more. Rather a lot more. “This follows a pattern by Facebook of not following its own declared processes to try to shield its clearly politically-driven tactics. The page was continually removed for instance when posts became too popular using the catch-all of 'standards' infractions and reinstated days later after 'review'. But these notifications never indicated any infringing posts, removed anything, nor gave any individual admin penalties”.

Waaah! Snot fair! And more: “Unusually of late Facebook's tactics have been 'upgraded'. They now appear to be punishing multiple admins for a phantom post by an individual admin, for a period of up to a month, seemingly to seek to mothball the page. Incredibly these charlatans have recently declared that the Traditional Britain Group logo (our traditional English/British lion symbol) went against Facebook's ‘standards’".
They have? Why, the audacity! And guess what? “Using this ancient heraldic device as a means of removing the page, is a further outrage and shows the bankrupt moral atmosphere that prevails at Facebook and underlines that they will use any excuse to disrupt pages they politically disagree with. If it is not this, then clearly, once again, they have banned on a pure phantasm post that never existed”.

Etcetera etcetera etcetera, I shall write to the Times about this, I tell you! Finally came the inevitable empty threat: “It also makes sense to evaluate some 'class action' type response, that will force legal document disclosure from them”. Yeah, right. Greg Frost from Newcastle, NSW, and his not really upmarket B&B in the Scottish Borders won’t be funding a legal action any time soon. He’s all wind and piss.
The real - and welcome - news here is that Facebook has begun to clamp down on the bigots. For so long, those turfed off Twitter  could take comfort in the fact that Facebook would still allow them to operate. Not any more.

The time of bigotry on Facebook was for a time, but not for all time. Rejoice!
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Anonymous said...

Booted off Facebook and Twitter?

Go elsewhere. The internet is a big wide wonderful world.

A bit like shit TV - which is most of it - there are plenty of alternatives for anybody with a reasonable measure of common sense and taste.

There's also that marvelous invention, the "off" button.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Using a facility supplied by someone else then not being happy when they fail to keep to the terms and conditions. Obviously not something they believe they should be bothered with - T&Cs are for the little people.