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Sunday 28 October 2018

Maajid Nawaz - Not Waving But Drowning

The combination of sheer shamelessness, defensiveness and bluster that is the facade of Quilliam co-founder Maajid Nawaz has begun to crack, as those unwilling to believe the group’s “research”, which claimed that 83% of grooming gang sexual abuse was attributable to Asian Men, has grown, and now includes one very high profile dissenter.
Nawaz’ meltdown began when Lily Allen Tweeted “Actually that @quilliaminstitute study has just been outed as being utterly useless. They got their nationwide averages from a total of 5 victims or something” in response to someone claiming Nawaz “does a good job of explaining the extent to which certain sexual abuse scandals are disproportionately coming from a certain community”. The Great Man was not at all happy.
His problem was the overbearing, sneering, dismissive response. “Mate, have you read the report? You’re an uninformed outsider using your pop star privilege to reinforce chauvinistic attitudes among conservative members of our community, of which you know little, while betraying vulnerable underage child victims. Ask us, before *telling* us”.
She was doing nothing of the sort. And then blocked Nawaz, who in turn threw out his rattle in no style at all. “Well,that told me I guess. I only ever tweeted her that once,replying to her slander against our research. This shows once again that fragile white leftists love talking on behalf of brown people,until we brown people forget ‘our place’ &get uppety by answering back. Orientalism”. No, it’s the Quilliam “research”. Nawaz is deflecting.
His problems then increased when LBC host Matthew Stadlen advised him “Hi Maajid. I put a series of questions about the Quilliam report to its authors, on your advice, but they refused to answer a single one of them. After more than two weeks, they said that Quilliam stood by the report”. Well, if they wouldn’t discuss it, Dr Ella Cockbain would.
Hi Matthew, that sounds frustrating. As I’ve said previously, I’m very happy to discuss the report with you & any other journalists interested in its reliability”. This may have contributed to Nawaz then losing it completely with Chas Newkey Burden.
And you’re a racist. I grew up fighting people like you, but instead of pretending to be Guardianistas, they wore swastikas. The difference is pretence. You hate it that I see through you. Fuck you. Fuck your posh double-barrelled name, fuck your face & fuck your racist arrogance”. Distinguished pundit and think tank head man, eh?
Newkey Burden maintained his cool, and reminded Nawaz “Have screengrabbed this. Would you like to explain your allegation that I’m ‘racist’?” He does like to call “racist” on others, even asserting repeatedly that the Labour Party is “institutionally racist” (wrong).
Did The Great Man stop and think? Sadly not. “You’re now a coward too. You deleted your tweet you fucking piece of trash. Admit to everyone what you posted, instead of pretending that allegation came out of nowhere. You & I both know what you posted, you disgusting fucking racist piece of shit. I am very happy to pursue this”. Distinguished pundit, eh?
Seems those challenging the Quilliam “research” send him all flaky. And there’s good reason for that: if that report falls, something else may happen to Quilliam. And that something, as with so many “think tanks”, is its credibility and fundraising ability.

The desperation and shamelessness of this aspect of Quilliam’s raison d’ĂȘtre was demonstrated when its Twitter feed told “BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY: @QuilliamOrg's #WinterGala will be hosted by TV Personality, @IamSairaKhan & Game of Thrones actress @LauraPradelska on Thu Nov 1st. Buy your tickets here” last week, and then Nawaz tried to drum up sales … on the back of the Pittsburgh synagogue murders.
I kid you not: he replied to that very Tweet with the comment “Condolences #PittsburghShooting Terrorist cowards (jihadist, far-left or far-right) all unite on hatred for Jews. Why we at @QuilliamOrg are mobilising our annual gala Nov 1st: Muslims & Jews to stand in #solidarity against anti-semitism & anti-Muslim hate”.
Sorry the synagogue got shot up, says Maaj, so how about you buy some tickets for our bash later next week, because we’re standing up to this kind of thing.

What Maajid Nawaz really is standing up to, apart from the promotion of Himself Personally Now, is unclear. But what is clear is that his “83%” claim is bust, and potentially, the reputation of Quilliam with it. He really is not waving, but drowning.
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Anonymous said...

Has anybody done research on white sex-grooming gangs running organised nation-wide prostitution in England?

Just to keep this in, you know, "proportion".

Anonymous said...

The Man...


The Money


Darren Read said...

The government are undertaking their own white dominated pedofile study as we speak. This will probably match the rape epidemic we're seeing now with Pakistani muslims. Try and stop your blame game. #strongertogether

Stare E O Taipin said...

Banding Together and Organising.
There's an old adage about what would happen if society had to re-start from the beginning in a new land.
The Germans would build factories
The Asians would open shops
The French and Italians would run restaurants
The English would be waiting to be introduced

Ferdy Fox said...

A person's reaction to what they perceive to be criticism says much about the kind of person they are. A balanced person is likely to give a balanced response. On the other hand you have Maajid Nawaz..........

Shawcross of Peterloo said...

Where there are Pakistanis there are grooming gangs. All part and parcel of living in our diverse multicultural society, you would have us believe. We have lived with this too long. It is a specific problem amongst a specific group and needs a specific solution. Attempting to find similar abuses in other "white" communities and then say they are all the same in the interests of political correctness and community cohesion in our diverse and multicultural society doesn't cut it. "White" gangs from Eastern Europe importing and recruiting for prostitution are a different kettle of fish from the Pakistani grooming gangs of the last 50+ years and needs a different approach. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg of the "Asian" grooming gangs and if some people have their way we will not be allowed to see any more of it - eg see the way recent trial restrictions have been in place.

Anonymous said...


Seven men of Pakistani heritage from South Yorkshire were found guilty of sexual offences against underage girls in the latest abuse trial following the inquiry into the Rotherham grooming gang scandal.
Salah Ahmed El-Hakam, 39, Asif Ali, 33, Tanweer Ali, 37, Mohammed Imran Ali Akhtar, 37, Nabeel Kurshid, 35, Iqlak Yousaf, 34, and a seventh man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were convicted on Monday of grooming and sexually abusing five underage girls between 1998 and 2005.

Seems the so-called "blame game" is pointing the right way!

"Stronger together"? When does the Pakistani community join in, or is their actual participation not matter to the blinkered progressives?

Anonymous said...

One girl said she had sex with over 100 Asian men before she was 16 and these men know who they are - tip of iceberg indeed!