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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Sun Pundit Boasts About Bullying

Despite being called out for her constant bullying of “A” Level student Abby Tomlinson, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch suggested that she was going to carry her self-pitying rant into her Sunday Sun column. Alas, though, no pundit is of perfect courage, and she has either thought better of it, or, more likely, been prevailed upon to desist. But, as befits any good bully, Ms Mensch has been after more than one target.
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The Member for the distant constituency of Manhattan Upmarket, who gives the impression that she believes “feminism” equates to “bullying, swearing, throwing one’s weight about and having stampy tantrums on Twitter”, has proclaimed that “Liberal Left Lack Backbone”, based purely on anecdotal evidence that she has carefully filtered to support the contention and opinions of Herself Personally Now.

PRINCE HARRY followed his dad Prince Charles into controversy last week by suggesting bringing back National Service” she told, which would be a surprise to Charles, who has not said a dickybird about National Service. But do go on. “I can see why the lad is fond of the Army - it turned him from a waster into a warrior”. I suspect Harry, and his fellow soldiers, know all about getting wasted, Louise. It’s what they do.
Is there a point in this? “But we can’t force other youngsters to grow up to be constructive like Harry … The post-election riots and defacing of a war memorial showed left-wing youth at their worst”. So we’re talking someone who was involved in rioting and defacing, yes? Er, no, that’s just a bit of smear-by-association. “When called out on a sign saying ‘Cull the Tories’, one male student asked me to stop ‘bullying him’”.

So? “Er irony much there, lads? He described himself as a vegan film-making feminist”. Cheap and nasty stereotyping much there, Louise? There’s more: “Another ridiculous, pampered student [no citation] held up a sign saying ‘Health Cuts = Suicide’. When it was pointed out to her that the Tories hadn’t cut anything from the NHS and were giving it an extra £8 billion, more than Labour, she put ‘Louise Mensch victim’ in her Twitter bio”.

And the conclusion from this selection and creativity spree? “So remember people - the youth of the left are anti-badger cull, pro-Tory cull, but if you try to debate them, they will run away crying … Looks like the Tories can sit easy for a few years, because the next generation of liberals are as limp as a wet lettuce”. And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here. One, let’s see the full text of both those Twitter exchanges.

Because, without it, we don’t know whether Ms Mensch is telling us the right tale. And two, she’s got no room to talk about others “running away”, being an established expert in blocking anyone of inconvenient thought on Twitter, and resorting to making threats of impending legal action (which never seems to materialise). Oh, and she seems to have forgotten that she refers to herself as a “Liberal Conservative”.

A bully and a hypocrite? No wonder she fitted right in at the Sunday Sun, then.


SteveB said...

"Prince Harry followed his dad Prince Charles into controversy...", surely the first controversy is which name should really follow "Prince Harry followed his dad"

Anonymous said...

The same old, if the left's polite, they're cowards, if they're anything else they're bullies card.