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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Yikes Chaps, I’ve Been Bendied Again!

Still the bendy buses go: Mayor of London Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson remains convinced that they are inherently bad, that they are responsible for killing and maiming cyclists, and that they can be replaced without any problem by more conventional double and single deck buses.

Except, of course, that more single deckers are needed to replace bendies, and double deckers can’t match the dwell times, so are slower overall. Perhaps Bozza might consider the number of cities in mainland Europe that seem to be able to live happily with the bendy bus? There do seem to be a lot of them.

Here is a bendy bus in the German city of Augsburg. Like the city’s trams, it’s part of a transport system that ensures there is room for punters whenever they need to commute, shop, eat, and drink.

At left is a cyclist: note that no harm is being done to man or machine, despite the proximity of the bendy bus.

Message to Bozza: it’s not too late to have a rethink.

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