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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Can’t Wait Till October

Zelo Street is once more on its travels: today brought arrival in the greatest of beer drinking centres, that being Munich. And, while the UK, or at least the north western part of it, basked in warm sunshine this morning, southern Germany is right now looking very, very grey. If the rain arrived within, oh, the next half a minute, that would not surprise anyone.

The visit is a middling length city break, and from the loading of the aircraft out of Manchester, this is a popular idea right now. Unfortunately, some of those aboard were unable to wait until arrival in Munich to start on the revelry, and it required the intervention of the flight deck to tell that either those standing up in the cabin sat down, or the aircraft would not taxi any further.

Not much waiting is required before the city’s watering holes can be tackled, in any case. True, the recently built airport (Flughafen Franz Josef Strauss, a great example of public works, named after a politician who did not favour such projects) is well out of town, but there are six S-Bahnen an hour, and two of the city’s largest beer halls are an easy walk from the Hauptbahnhof.

And, as predicted, over the bell peal of a nearby church, and the sound of trams in the street out front, there are now rumbles of thunder, the odd lightning flash, and the rain is coming down.

Turned out nice again. There’s timing for you.

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