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Saturday, 19 June 2010

It’s Really Not Very Quiet In Here

There’s no point coming to a city like Munich, with its beer and food tradition, without doing both at a city beer hall. So tonight it was time to dive in and sample the loud and characteristic Weisses Brauhaus, home of Weissbier and those white Munich sausages.

It was full, it was loud, the food was filling, and the Weissbier was strong (most similar beers are around 4% strength, but the Schneider Weisse is 5.2%). Many of the happier – and less steady – drinkers looked to have been in a while, but were not for quitting just yet.

A very popular follow up to the Weissbier was a chaser of Haus-Obstler. I failed to yield to temptation, otherwise this post might not have happened – well, not without a little more time and effort. Everyone else around the long table that I propped up briefly is probably still there.

Which made me wonder if there is a German equivalent for the old Glaswegian saying “You’ve had enough”.

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