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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Be Bold, Be Quick

Today’s forecast for Munich? Another grim one, but early on, at least the rain held off and for a time, the sun even tried to make an appearance. It was better than nothing, and with the promise of rain later, it was time to get on with the sightseeing.

And another good reason to make haste early on a Sunday is that the crowds tend not to turn up until later in the day. The exception to this rule is the Japanese, who make sure you know they are there by standing right in front of whatever your camera has just focused on. They also excel in brandishing some very expensive looking cameras while giving the impression of not having a clue how to use them (but then, so do far too many rail enthusiasts).

Fortunately, I got to most of the intended sights before the Japanese, and before the weather closed in. Top of today’s list was the Olympic Park, and it’s clear that the facilities built for the 1972 Olympiad are mostly well used – there has been much argument over what will happen after London 2012. Other host cities have failed to make the most of their legacy: the sad sight of the disused Barcelona swimming complex, on the edge of Montjuic Park with its view over the city, comes readily to mind.

So what provoked the weather? It may have been mere coincidence, but as on Friday it was at Schloss Nymphenburg that the heavens opened. At least this time I managed to get close up to the castle and fire off a few photos. With no other tourists standing close up, Japanese or otherwise.

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