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Tuesday 15 June 2021

Daniel Morgan Panel - Tory Inaction

At noon today, the report of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel was finally published: this signalled the start of the process by which Morgan’s family continue to seek justice after all these years, while those who would rather they stop asking questions and just go away try and spin, bully, project, gaslight and just lie to put them off.

Daniel Morgan

Silent thus far have been the Metropolitan Police, whose commissioner Cressida Dick has been on the receiving end of a significant amount of criticism, not least over the claim that she obstructed the Panel’s work, and the wider conclusion that the Met is (note present tense) institutionally corrupt. So one suggestion is now being widely made.

And that suggestion is that Part 2 of the Leveson Inquiry, done away with by the Tories as part of the deal they have struck with the devil that is our free and fearless press, should be revisited. It was suggested to Priti Patel, inexplicably made Home Secretary by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, in the Commons today.

SNP MP Stuart McDonald “asks if Patel will make a statement about the implications of the report for the media. And he says the report backs the case for phase two of the Leveson inquiry to be allowed to go ahead” told the Guardian politics live feed. She declared “The government formally consulted Sir Brian on whether to proceed with part two, decided that it was no longer appropriate, proportionate and in the public interest to proceed given the potential costs and the amount of time that had been spent on part one itself”.

This suggests Brian Leveson was in some way agreeing with the decision, but he was not: Matt Hancock tried to make that claim and his flagrant lying was called out, including to his face by now former Labour MP Ian Lucas. Leveson Part 2 remains the only way of being as certain as we can be as to “who did what to whom”. And, indeed, on whose behalf.

You're not getting sacked in the morning

Former PM Theresa May was in no doubt about the significance of the panel’s conclusions, especially those on the Met and potential corruption. She “says the report provides yet another example of ‘an organ of the state, whose job was to protect the public, prioritising the reputation of the institution over the delivery of justice’”.

So the question had to be asked: would someone not unadjacent to the top of the Tory Party like to give us some small hint of action, perhaps putting in motion the process by which Cressida Dick is moved rather closer to the exit door? Sadly, “Asked if the prime minister still had full confidence in Dame Cressida Dick during a Westminster briefing, his official spokesperson simply replied: ‘Yes’”. In Bozo world, no-one resigns.

Smugtastic, politics pickers

So the Tories are already circling the wagons, in the process creating yet another holder of high office who owes them for their continuing hold on that office, at least in part. Cressida Dick could of course head off any accusation of being dependent on Bozo and his cronies by doing the right thing, admitting her conduct fell short of that required, and resigning.

Priti Patel is writing to lots of people in the wake of the Panel’s report. She says its conclusions are “deeply alarming”. But don’t expect her to do anything about it.

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J said...

Cheek of her... we all know she delayed it so that Murdercock and Cressida Dick could get their responses worked out in advance (and probably also so they matched up... its not like the coppers, papers, and government have worked hand in hand to cover up something before is it.. oh wait!).

Anonymous said...

Put this horror alongside Hillsborough, Orgreave, Grenfell, Murdoch/Rothermere hacking and lies, broadcast "news" propaganda, police and media racism, MPs accepting Israeli government money, termination of the Al Yamamah arms contract corruption "inquiry", illegal wars and mass murders, the murder of Doctor David Kelly, continuous stealth attempts to privatise the NHS, the political assassination of Jo Cox, legalisation of tax cheating corporations and rich individuals, the deliberate impoverishment of the country outside the M25, the worst financial disaster in three hundred years, criminal negligence in a pandemic, the insanity of Brexit and its xenophobia, a crackpot ruritanian monarchy, and the de facto British one party state with its rubber stamp Parliament.

Then it becomes easy to understand why this episode can be placed alongside the recent lies of Jonathan Goldberg "QC" as the miserable "norm" of British public life.

This sad, deluded, corrupt Plague Island owned and run by a gang of Oxbridge mediocrities. And a population too battered to give a shit.

Mr Larrington said...

Statement by the panel (PDF): https://www.danielmorganpanel.independent.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Media-Briefing-statement-Final-NOL-09.06.21-printing__-version.pdf

Disgraced former International Development Secretary Piggi Patel come in for a bit of stick too, but her Teflon coating means she’s unlikely to be on the receiving end of any kind of censure.

Anonymous said...

Toblerone girl (the worlds first triangular Home Secretary) is a part of the problem NOT a solution to the problem. Mind you, she might use it to her advantage to lop off a few heads.