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Wednesday 29 July 2020

Tommy Robinson - LOCATED

We now know that Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has been out of the country for some weeks, amid claims that he will have to relocate himself and his family outside the UK and in an EU member state, which is an interesting move for such an ardent supporter of Britain leaving the EU. There has, though, been some confusion about where in mainland Europe he is relocating.
Some claims have been made that Lennon was in Greece; he isn’t. While Stanley Johnson, father of our alleged Prime Minister, managed to get to Greece from the UK by flying via a third country, that ruse would probably be beyond Lennon. Moreover, it seems that he is not on Tenerife either. It had been assumed he would be there because of his closeness to Lutz Bachmann, the German far-right leader who has a villa on the island.
May be trying to avoid this sort of thing ...

But the dead giveaway was when Lennon asserted in his latest video that he had driven his family out to their new location. As I pointed out yesterday, that would entail not only driving across both France and Spain, it would involve a long sea crossing by car ferry from Cádiz to Santa Cruz de Tenerife. So enquiries began to see where in Spain - because Spain is where he is - Lennon had relocated himself.
... in this country, but not here ...

Meanwhile, journalist Lizzie Dearden, still keeping tabs on Lennon despite the threats and abuse, has pursued his claim that he had had “an arson”. The Independent’s home affairs and security correspondent noted “Anyone getting excited about Tommy Robinson's video should bear several things in mind … 1. He only says he's 'looking at relocating' family abroad … 2. He is facing a libel trial over his remarks about a Syrian boy, and they are seeking £100,000 in damages”. As well as costs. And there is more.
He says the arson attack was 'targeted against my property, not against my property, against my wife's property’ … The ownership of homes and other assets is a key issue when deciding the amount of damages awarded if a defamation case is lost”. BUT “Bedfordshire Police say they do not have a record of arson against his family home … They do have a record of reported car arson in June, but would not give further details”.
As always with Lennon, the assertions have to be studied carefully: he may relocate, which means he equally may not. Also, he’d have to arrange medical insurance for his family, especially with the transition period ending soon. He and his wife would need to apply for, and be granted, residency. So where has he holed up?
Sadly for Lennon, there is no need for an act of doxxing, because he has done the deed himself. Matthew Collins of Hope Not Hate discovered that The Great Man’s photos of his game of Paddle showed, in the background, the name MANOLO SANTANA RACQUETS CLUB. Which is near Marbella. In the province of Andalucía.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he is living in that area: after all, there is a motorway junction nearby. But good of The Great Man to tell the world where to start looking - and those looking may include lawyers chasing him for fees and costs.

The stay of Stephen Lennon in Spain may be for a time, but not for all time.
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Simon said...

I wonder what the good people of Spain think about foreign criminals coming in to their country? Come January they may well be able to do something about it.

Arnold said...

Car fire? Well a car is property. He didn't say his home was torched.

Anonymous said...

So "Tommy" wanted out of the EU and now flees there for sanctuary.

Next step is to disappear up his own anal canal.

Anonymous said...

Anywhere is better than Luton!

Even Space 1999 ended up in trouble visiting Luton.

Anonymous said...

Some Twitter people seem to be affronted that lemon was confronted in front of his family. However it is said that one reaps what one sows.


Anonymous said...

Dear people of Spain,

Please accept our apologies for using your country as a dumping ground for our unwanted gammon.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for that link; it's the funniest thing I've seen since the scene in Veep where Jonah is campaigning in an elementary school. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiFoE7LrwtM. Really; thank you.