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Wednesday 8 July 2020

Boris Shits On Key Workers

While most papers have splashed the Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard story over their front pages, including the singularly pungent claim by Depp that Ms Heard shitting the bed led to him seeking a divorce, the i paper has not been deflected from telling the world that alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is shitting on a much wider part of the population - many of those NHS staff he was clapping for last weekend.
The headline spells it out. “Free parking for NHS staff will be scrapped … Revealed: health workers in England will be told that they must soon start paying up to £3.50 an hour again to park at their workplace … The Government [is] saying ‘This support cannot continue indefinitely' … Angry medics argue that the pandemic continues”. Which it does. Also, their colleagues in Wales and Scotland will not suffer the imposition of charges.

Hugo Gye, the i paper’s deputy political editor, told that there would be some exemptions, but not many: “Instead of free parking for all staff, DHSC will fund NHS trusts to scrap charges for night shift workers only, plus disabled patients and parents of seriously ill children”. Which leaves many workers with no alternative but to park - and pay.
For instance, Crewe’s Leighton Hospital has bus connections from most nearby towns and villages, but some routes only run hourly, or less frequently. And after 1800 hours, plus Sundays - forget it. There is no practical public transport alternative for the vast majority of those who work there. And NHS workers are not the only ones being short changed.

Remember all those other key workers, the ones who keep supermarkets running, serve you at the pharmacy, staff the tills at fuel stations, deliver your groceries and other online purchases? They, too, have been thanked profusely by Bozo The Clown and his pals. But when they asked for a little more protection against violence, there was none.
As Union News has told (cos it sells fewer papers than a Sleb libel action), “Usdaw has expressed deep disappointment that the government yesterday rejected proposals for a new law to protect shop workers from violence, threats and abuse, despite evidence that incidents have doubled during the coronavirus emergency”. There was more.

Usdaw surveying estimates more than 150,000 shop workers have been assaulted since [a year ago]. Usdaw responded, along with a broad range of retailers, calling for a new law to tackle this growing problem. The government responded only yesterday to the overwhelming evidence they received and rejected extending the law to protect retail staff”. Maybe they will get a round of applause in lieu of action.
All that, of course comes on top of Bozo dissing care home workers and refusing to say sorry, plus the continual evasion when it comes to NHS staff getting a decent pay rise on top of their occasional rounds of applause. Perhaps there will be another humiliating U-Turn, but that cannot hide this Government’s contempt for the little people. Again.

You voted Tory because you thought they gave a damn? Repent at leisure once more.
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Anonymous said...

Re my earlier posts .elsewhere .. Just found this ... please consider ... people need to know ... https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1280272077669498881.html

gillette said...

Let's also not forget about having to pay tax on covid tests, if paid for by employers

Jonathan said...

Hate to break it to the public 'I could have told u this would happen!'.
2 weeks ago, DWP reintroduced the regressive and total Kafkaesque benefit sanctions.
Now it's the turn of other public sector workers to feel the reality of a Tory Government, that really is only interested in making money.

With pay freezes widely expected for all public sector staff for the next 2 years at least whilst facing rising costs of living and working.amy will vote with their feet and decide, to move abroad where they don't just clap for carers, they pay them and give them decent working conditions.

It's time our public sector staff started to organise and ballot for industrial action.

Anonymous said...

Looking for bigotry? Look no further . .. ...

gillette said...

Think that was abolished buried in Sumaks statement