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Friday 17 July 2020

Russian Election Interference FAWKED

The internet never forgets. No deletion exercise, no surgical and comprehensive wiping of information can overcome that rule. It’s even worse when there is no attempt to delete, because up come the embarrassing results in the first Google search. And that is how the claims made about Russian electoral interference by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog became an embarrassing own goal.
It was claimed yesterday in a written answer by Dominic Raab, who claims to be Foreign Secretary, “Russian actors sought to interfere in the 2019 General Election through the online amplification of illicitly acquired and leaked Government documents … Sensitive Government documents relating to the UK-US Free Trade Agreement were illicitly acquired before the 2019 General Election and disseminated online via … Reddit”.

This is weapons grade bullshit. The thinly veiled attempt to smear former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is no more than a dead cat, an attempt to deflect from the Tories’ own Russia problems - like the report that still hasn’t been published, all those donations that come from Russians now resident in the UK, and of course the attendance of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson at That Villa Party In Italy.

That much is cringeworthy enough. But for Staines and his gofers, it is significantly worse. While The Great Guido told yesterdayGovernment says ‘it is almost certain that Russian actors sought to interfere in the 2019 General Election’ by amplifying online leaked documents about the US-UK trade deal. The documents Corbyn held a press conference about in a desperate attempt to change the media narrative after his disastrous Andrew Neil interview”, someone was not checking the Fawkes back catalogue.
As well as bringing readersWhat Corbyn Claims The Documents Say Versus What They Actually Say” (meaning, what the Fawkes massive say they say) and following it withCorbyn’s Redacted Negotiation Lies” (yes, Staines and his pals calling “liar” on others), there was alsoRead In Full The Unredacted Trade Documents”. This last effort was presented as an “EXCLUSIVE”. There they were, all six documents.

The second of those posts, which confirmed that the Fawkes rabble had seen the unredacted documents, was published at 1012 hours on November 27th. Corbyn had only begun to address the meeting where he unveiled his copy at 1010 hours, and would have taken several minutes to point up the relevant part of their contents.

Add to that the minor point that Staines has admitted receiving money from Russian Government sources, and what do we get? What did Raab say? “Russian actors sought to interfere in the 2019 General Election through the online amplification of illicitly acquired and leaked Government documents … Sensitive Government documents relating to the UK-US Free Trade Agreement were illicitly acquired before the 2019 General Election”.

Well, there’s a group of actors performing online amplification of sensitive Government documents relating to the UK-US Free Trade Agreement.

If Corbyn is implicated, then Staines and his pals are bang to rights. Another fine mess.
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grim northerner said...

Everything is still corbyns fault in the hall of mirrors of tory bullshit. I was never a corbyn Fanboy, but, fuck me, he has more decency in his pinky finger than all of his corrupted detractors have combined.

Anonymous said...

Hold on, why shouldn't Russians resident here donate to who they like? According to Sadiq Khan they are Londoners like anyone else resident there. My partner is a Muscovite and is prone to giving money to any beggar she sees, they are generous people, I am sure she'd chuck 50p at the Labour party if asked.

Anonymous said...

Corbyn a decent chap who has wasted is life on socialism, at least it got him a million pound house and a decent pension, more than he achieved for his followers save a handful of luvvies.

Cue whaterboutery

Anonymous said...

If "Russia" (whatever that's supposed to mean today) has "interfered" (ditto) with anything and is proven to have done so - throw the international book at "them".

Until then it's the usual lying bullshit from the usual tedious lying twats.

Yesterday it was "China". Today it's "Russia". Next up, China again. Then Russia again. Maybe even mighty Venezuela or gigantic North Korea. Repeat ad nauseam. Anything to keep Daily Heil and Murdoch Scum readers shitting in their cv-19/"home" counties paper pants.

First we take MattHancock, then we take Merlin said...

WTF has having a house got to do with election interference?
Anyway, there are plenty of people in London who live in £million houses that they bought for £10,000 in the early 1970s.
btw: It's whataboutery. Your Russian tutors aren't earning their keep.
What does the "international book" look like and where can you buy a copy?
Oh, these Russian trolls who don't get English idioms.

Anonymous said...


Oh those tenth rate paranoid far right trolls with various posting names. Like you.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Aren't they great

John. said...

My daughter bought a house in Peckham less than 10 years ago for £140,000. Today is worth over £700,000. It's inflation that made his house so valuable. But you knew that. Disingenuousness stinks.

Anonymous said...

@ 09:55.

So now she'll have to find £700,000 if she wants to move to a similar house.


"Valuable" my arse. More like a mortgage-ponzi mug.

grim northerner said...

The financial industy raking in the compound interest to boot, a complete scam that could have been avoided by building cheap social housing.

R Ifmatik said...

@14:56 "So now she'll have to find £700,000 if she wants to move to a similar house."
Ask an adult to explain the process of someone moving house when their current property is valued at £700k and they've got a mortgage of about £130k.

Anonymous said...

@ 21:05.

Better if you consulted the existence of surplus value and how it lives off and then diminishes society - every time leading to a Depression and ruined lives. You can start by examining theft of US savings and loan institutions, then move on to concoction of the "subprime" scam that led directly to the present Depression. While you're at it, consult the history of the Glass-Steagall Act, why it was established, why and by whom it was eliminated, and what role the latter played in the latest Depression - the worst in two centuries by some reckonings. There will of course be other Depressions in similar circumstances.

You can start with the relatively light The Growth Delusion by David Pilling (2018). Then move on to more detailed analysis. Best if you avoid the Daily Mail and the Sun.

All of which might help you realise the said £700,000 is Fools Gold for dupes. But I doubt it.

Good luck with your "research".

R Ifmatik said...

In other words, the owner-occupier with a property valued at £700k doesn't have to "find £700,000".
For reasons why property prices in the UK have increased by a ridiculous amount, see UK Government policies rather than US law and US economic history.

Pyrites of the Bourgeois Lien said...

Anon 11:29
Best if you stick to the Daily Mail and the Sun.

Anonymous said...

@ 20:03.
Unfortunately for your "argument", the UK and USA are inextricably linked in property finance. Hence the 2008 Depression and London as the world centre of money-laundering (for which, see Roberto Saviano).

@ 20:42.
Nah. Too many did. And look what that brought us to.

R Ifmatik said...

My argument that someone with a £700k house and a £130k mortgage doesn't have to find £700k if they move holds.

The UK Government allowing non-residents and companies registered in tax havens to buy property for investment is not dictated by Wall Street and US legislation.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:50.

More than a bit daft, that.

Somehow, hey presto! £700,000 appears then disappears into thin air. Christ.

Naturally, following from that, you miss the overall point by a Daily Heil/Friedman mile.

So-called "property values" are the issue, and in a capitalist system that is INTERNATIONAL. Moreover, it takes a monumental ignorance not to acknowledge the catalyst role of US "property values" as the main cause of the 2008 Depression. Even far right Ayn Rand fruitloop Greenspan acknowledged that with his ludicrous "irrational exuberance" comment as inevitable inflation kicked in during the lead-up. British institutions had "invested" widely in the whole "subprime" racket and went down with it when the ponzi scheme inevitably collapsed. So did other European institutions that fell for it. Earlier, there was the negative equity example. The economic dominoes duly fell across the world.

The point is that inflationary capitalism ALWAYS leads to housing disaster - see creation of slums in the 20th century - after all the actual construction, land and fees costs have been met. Any increased individual house prices thereafter are mere profiteering. Which sucks out core wealth from the economy. It leads inevitably to land hoarding and housing shortages. Which of course inflates house prices. So a house that actually cost, say, £60,000 to build can easily end up later at a crazy illusionary "value". It's a Victorian, insane and thoroughly indecent way to provide housing. Which is the reason we have so many homeless or in private rented accommodation, the latter shaping to be the slums of the future.

The last century demonstrated just how evil that kind of policy is. The evidence so far is that nothing has been learned and there are still enough mugs who think of a house as an economic unit instead of home. All of it based on a ponzi illusion bound for yet another collapse. Some people never learn.

R Ifmatik said...

Your original post: Anonymous Anonymous said...
"@ 09:55.

So now she'll have to find £700,000 if she wants to move to a similar house."

She doesn't have to find £700k.

You are confusing people who want a house as a place of residence with property speculators.

Anonymous said...

@ 19:09.


Try as you might, you cannot separate individual purchases from a system which is built on strategic property speculation and inflationary profiteering.

Try again.

R Ifmatik said...

I take it that you don't live in a property of any kind and live by means of bartering with others.
You live with your mum in her home thereby not having to rent or buy.

If I am wrong and you manage to get along using some other means, let people know how you avoid the system.

Try as you might, you were wrong about the homeowner having to find £700k.