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Friday 24 July 2020

Corbyn Whip Removal - FAKE NEWS

With the Labour Party choosing to settle the legal action brought against it by the so-called Panorama whistleblowers, and presenter John Ware, some in and around our free and fearless press have sensed the opportunity to indulge in a little mischief making. This has manifested itself in some highly creative ways. One such manifestation has been the claim that the party’s new management is going to clear out its predecessors.
Very few people outside journalism may have heard of Adam Cailler, but those on the left are now familiar with his enthusiasm for slinging dead cats on the table - any table. “According to a few Labour sources this morning, it's ‘very possible’ and ‘highly likely’ that Jeremy Corbyn will have the whip removed very soon, as a result of some of the recommendations in the EHRC report” told the Jewish Telegraph man on Wednesday.
This was immediately taken up by the viciously unpleasant David Collier: “If as is being reported, [Labour] are about to remove the whip from Jeremy Corbyn because of recommendations in the EHRC report. Yes it is 5 years late. But it is a major statement that will underline just how bad things were and how close we came to disaster”.
Collier, believed to be the prime mover behind the Gnasher Jew Twitter feed, will be familiar to Zelo Street regulars as the one who admitted, on camera, that when it came to anti-Semitism in the Tory Party, he had done nothing. Think about that. Selective anti-racism. The very worst kind. Racism, and especially anti-Semitism, should be confronted whenever and wherever it appears. Collier appears not to share that view.
Meanwhile, the Corbyn-bashing tendency was in full flow, typical being failed politician Tom Harris, given a platform by the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph. “Jeremy Corbyn deserves to lose the whip, but it would plunge Labour into its worst civil war yet … Disciplining Corbyn would draw a line over Labour's anti-Semitism struggle, although Keir Starmer is likely to prefer the quiet life”. Out of power and out of touch.
The cynical putting-the-boot-in exercise continued over at the Murdoch Times, where Philip Collins declared “Starmer must finish off Corbyn to show he means business”, going on to pontificate “The real way to show the world that Labour has changed, will be to kick Corbyn out. Take away the whip, expel him from the party, point the way out for his nasty band of facilitators”. That’s a taker of the Murdoch shilling calling “nasty” on others.
But while this slice of hokum convinced some, and allowed others to have a good sneer at the Rotten Lefties™, it did not convince Lee Harpin of the Jewish Chronicle, himself no supporter of Jezza. “Rumours that Corbyn will have whip removed as result of EHRC report greatly exaggerated. Next to no chance it will single out individuals in this way. Instead will focus on evidence of systematic discrimination of Jewish party members”.
Maybe he means “discrimination against Jewish party members”. In any case, it is not in the EHRC remit to tell organisations how to conduct disciplinary measures. That small matter seems to have been missed in the rush to become judgmental and righteous.

It looks like Cailler was fed a fake. And failed to correctly identify it. Must try harder.
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Anonymous said...

“According to a few Labour sources this morning ..."

As you say Tim, "It looks like Cailler was fed a fake". Who fed it to him? On whose instruction? Were they acting on their own initiative? If not, what is Keeves role in this?

Malcolm Armsteen said...

Dear boy, it's hardly fair to say Collier is selectively anti-racist, it's far more accurate to say he lost the plot ages ago. Serially unpleasant, and creatively stupid with it. Cheerio

Jonathan said...

Haha more duff news from the RW trolls with the usual lack of on the record sources.

Anonymous said...

If the Starmer Quiff Gang is crazy-corrupt enough to go with this it would spell the demise of the Labour Party.

I can't believe even they would be right-wing stupid to do it. Not even in the knowledge they have - amongst other things - attacked teachers unions and supported private landlords over renters.

Malcolm Armsteen said...

Dear Abbers, an old chum, believes Collier to be very vocal in defending what he believes in.
I yell Abbers that he only believes in shouting at Jeremy Corbyn. Strange fellow.
Oh well, toodle pip

Jonathan said...

If Sir Forensic tried this, then he can expect major blowback from the membership.
Jeremy remains extremely popular,more popular than the current incumbent.

Starmer has betrayed members by throwing £600k to shut a bunch of spivs up and attacking the teaching unions and remaining quiet on the snub for payrises for nurses.
Starmer is going to spilt the party and the Left has the money,the members and the policies.

grim northerner said...

I don't understand why any leftwinger would seek to enter politics now. Abuse from fascist thugs who call you a traitor and send death threats or worse, a press that twists your words,misrepresents your policies and turns you into a hate figure. And worst of all, a public that willingly goes along with it all. Only sociopathic charlatans are popular with the British public nowadays, and Im starting to think,'fuck the lot of them,'the spivs and the unpleasant British public deserve each other.

Malcolm Armsteen said...

No David, I'm not wine gums. Winegums sought a new life in a. forum that didn't destroy itself. You own this as much as I do dear boy.

I mean, I'm literally not hiding anything and you still don't believe that it's me.

Anonymous said...

"creatively stupid"

Here's Collier yesterday, just after having tweeted about the "Corbyn fighting fund & refusal to back down":

"The simple reason the hard-left are running scared of the courts now is because they lied & they know it.

They manufactured stories, defamed opponents & ruined reputations with awful smears - using propaganda to spread a web of deceit.

They have good reason to be scared."

So, the hard left are both running scared and refusing to back down? Does Collier not realise that many of us have seen The Lobby and know what the evidence testifies to? Given the corrupt nature of the libel laws in this country, we might not have good reason to be confident but I imagine many up-to-now spotless reputations are utterly terrified of what might emerge in open court. Archer went down eventually.

We can expect gaslighting on a monumental scale.