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Friday 17 July 2020

Shamima Begum - Enter The Racists

After the news emerged that the High Court had decided Shamima Begum could return to the UK to contest the decision by then Home Secretary Sajid Javid to strip her of her citizenship - effectively rendering her stateless, which is illegal - our free and fearless press decided that a 20-year-old woman entering the country was tantamount to treason, a terrible thing which had to be resisted at all costs. Out crawled the pundits.
Citizenship, guv? Bit of a long word, innit?!?

And to no surprise at all, chief among today’s crawlers is the Daily Mail’s tedious and unfunny churnalist Richard Littlejohn, who has reverted to his default mode of talking well, but lying badly. He tells readers “There are also unconfirmed rumours that she commanded a women’s vigilante brigade, punishing other jihadi brides who strayed from the path of righteousness. We’ll probably never find out the truth”.

Which may be unconfirmed because they are highly likely to have been misinformation, with the Mail on Sunday and the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph favourite conduits for the spooks. But then Littlejohn, out of the blue, pulls a blatant whopper: “What we do know is that … she … renounced her British citizenship”. Oh did she? This is also claimed in an article for right-wing site UnHerd.

But that is the work of Islamophobic bigot Doug Murray The K, so it’s not really surprising. He puts it this way: “Begum may have personally renounced her British citizenship the moment she went to join the Islamic State”. But here a problem enters. This claim depends on Ms Begum’s act of joining ISIS, ISIL or whatever they’re called right now meaning she automatically renounced her British citizenship. But this is total crap.
The United Kingdom allows dual nationality. Unless someone actually relinquishes their citizenship, becoming a national of another state does not mean they forfeit British citizenship. Also, ISIS was not recognised by most of the world as a state. Dual nationals exist in all walks of UK life. Had he not relinquished his US citizenship recently, alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson would have still been one of them.

On top of that, Ms Begum was just 15 at the time she left the UK. The renouncement of citizenship claim looks shaky at best, and is most probably invention. It does not change the fact of the matter: she was born in the UK and cannot be made stateless. Meanwhile, chez Littlejohn (an immigrant in his chosen land) the racism continues.

Once jihadi bride Shamima Begum sets foot on British soil again, what do you think the chances are of her ever being deported? Less than zero”. He’s not racist, BUT … brown people, deportation, hear that dog whistle? And she MUST be dangerous. So then it’s “what if she decides to strap on a suicide belt and blow herself up on the Central Line?

And BENEFITS! “No doubt legal aid will be picking up the bill and, when Begum is safely ensconced back in East London, the mug British taxpayer will continue to lavish her with benefits ad infinitum. The case is scheduled to last well into 2021. Ker-ching!!” Yeah, people who are not white getting things that white people aren’t getting. Allegedly.

This is just dog-whistle racism. One look at the comments sewer for Littlejohn’s article tells you that. He wouldn’t talk about deporting a white person; nor would Murray. And neither of them would invent bogus nationality claims for them. I’ll just leave that one there.
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The Daily Mule's Lord Hee-haw is at it again said...

When is a victim of a grooming gang not a victim?
Ans: When right-wing shits say so.

Anonymous said...

According to the government's own Prevent stratgey:
"10. Islamist extremists regard Western intervention in Muslim-majority countries as a ‘war with Islam’, creating a narrative of ‘them’and‘us’. Their ideology includes the uncompromising belief that people cannot be both Muslim and British, and that Muslims living here should not participate in our democracy. Islamist extremists specifically attack the principles of civic participation and social cohesion. These extremists purport to identify grievances to which terrorist organisations then claim to have a solution."
Is it just me or does every part of that description apply to the likes of Little Cock, Big Opinion?

Anonymous said...

But they are not wrong are they!

Anonymous said...

@ 18.00 Please provide proof or Evidence or at least A little something to back up your less than informative statement O great jehadi of the mind

grim northerner said...

It's almost asif they are hypocrites with double standards. As for begum, I believe the old unpc term for her would be 'imbecile'.

Anonymous said...

"We'll probably never find out the truth."

There's no "probably" about it if you read and believe the Daily Heil and far right shitehawk Littlejohn.

Arnold said...

I can never understand why the tabloids keep using the somewhat romantic phrase "Jihadi bride" rather than terrorist.

Anonymous said...

@grim northerner

"If there was a case of a young white boy, with blonde hair, who later dabbled in class A drugs, and conspired with a friend to beat up a journalist, would he deport that boy?

"Or, is it one rule for young black boys from the Caribbean and another for white boys from the United States."

And is it another rule for young British girls from Bethnal Green and another for white boys from the United States?

What's that you were saying about double standards, hypocrisy and imbecility?

Lord Kobel said...

He reminds me of a guy on my forum, named after the mail actually. He just does stuff for money.

He's probably better than my guy actually. Littlejohn gets paid, Mal just likes being racist

grim northerner said...

You have just proven Derrida right in my eyes comrade!

grim northerner said...

'abused child' is a more accurate term.

Unknown said...

See this apple? It's the same as that orange because they are both round fruit.

Anonymous said...

See this non sequitur? It's the same as that citation because they both use words.

grim northerner said...

This sentence is false.

Andy McDonald said...


Your forum? The one you were one of several mods on, and were removed for abusing your position?

Also, not a good idea to libel people. Even via their usernames.

The Toffee (597) said...

"And BENEFITS! “No doubt legal aid will be picking up the bill and, when Begum is safely ensconced back in East London, the mug British taxpayer will continue to lavish her with benefits ad infinitum. The case is scheduled to last well into 2021. Ker-ching!!” Yeah, people who are not white getting things that white people aren’t getting. Allegedly."

Where's the legal aid for those of all colours and races) needing it at employment tribunals, Tim?

The same goes for the disabled? Didn't see them rushing to join terrorist groups that kill & maim indiscriminately, neither.

No. begum can fuck right off. And so can anyone putting up a case for it.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, fuck Habeas corpus and fuck any cunts like Albert Venn Dicey, who wrote that the British Habeas Corpus Acts "declare no principle and define no rights, but they are for practical purposes worth a hundred constitutional articles guaranteeing individual liberty". Admittedly, if the government can get away with removing the rights of some, then they will be removed from all of us and the disabled and those needing employment tribunals for which you shed crocodile tears will also have their rights removed. But fuck them, it doesn't matter if we can punish one brown girl.

The Toffee (597) said...

"and the disabled and those needing employment tribunals for which you shed crocodile tears will also have their rights removed"

And they havent had their rights removed already, prick?

"Crocodile tears"? You fucking maggot. I'm an unpaid carer. I have also helped many many people with advice and the attending of tribunals as a mckenzie where CAB have been overrun.

Despite how their own country has treated (and IS treating) them Not a single one of them wanted to give birth to terrorists and jihadis. None of them wanted to maim or kill, or has even countenanced the idea.

So take your fucking faux outrage over your perceived racism and shove it up your fucking hoop. Pricks like you are the problem not the solution.

grim northerner said...

Muslims are not an homogenous group, and I'm sure there are plenty of horrible disabled people out there just like any other demographic. You are not covering your self in glory here mate.

Anonymous said...

"Muslims are not an homogenous group"

Exactly. It would be like saying of all Liverpudlians that: "They see themselves whenever possible as victims, and resent their victim status; yet at the same time they wallow in it. Part of this flawed psychological state is that they cannot accept that they might have made any contribution to their misfortunes, but seek rather to blame someone else for it, thereby deepening their sense of shared tribal grievance against the rest of society".