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Saturday 4 July 2020

Nigel Farage Busts Quarantine

While alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his ministers urge the electorate to visit a pub immediately, few of the cabinet appear to have done the deed, apart from Jacob Rees Mogg who popped into a pub in his constituency for a half. But one party leader could be relied upon to be there like a shot. Or something that sounds like it.
Nigel Farage was at the Tulsa rally, as was ...

Earlier this week, ITV political editor Robert Peston and his team asked their viewers whether they would be venturing out today. 75% would not. TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Dooda was incandescent. “If any of my followers are staying in on Saturday without a damn good reason, please unfollow me NOW”. But one of her guests had no such qualms.
... Herman Cain, who's now in hospital. With The Rona

Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage had joined her earlier in the week - well, he’s not on LBC any more, is he? - and Ms Hartley Dooda would have approved when he Tweeted out a photo of Himself this lunchtime captioned “12 o’clock, first customer in. Love it”. He was in the Rub-A-Dub, and in the process of slowly but surely becoming Elephant’s Trunk And Mozart. But not everyone approved.
Louis Barfe was particularly severe on The Great Man: “Aren't you meant to be in cuarantine, you qunt?” Carole Cadwalladr added “Typhoid Nigel strikes again. Less than 2 weeks after returning from [the] US. Not yet out of quarantine. Illegally infecting a pub near you”. And while Mr Thirsty was not yet sweating, there was a tell-tale glow.
Mr Ceebs asked the obvious question. “Only a day or two till he's due out of quarantine. Oops shouldn't be a difficult case for the local plod if anyone complains about the sad fool putting people at risk so he can have a pint”. Who was that local plod?
One Tweeter had located the pub. “Hi [Kent Police Maidstone] he’s in the Queens Head, Downe, and is breaching quarantine regulations after a trip to USA”. Herbie Cumberland decided to cover another base, just in case: “More like [Kent Police Sevenoaks]’s patch, no?” Another Tweeter addressed the pub directly. “[Queen’s Head Downe] bad show to have your first customer breaching lockdown restrictions. He could be a carrier.”
Well, Nige was at the Tulsa, OK rally held last month for Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, and one well-known name who had been there, and not wearing a face covering - businessman and former Presidential candidate Herman Cain - is now in hospital. Last Monday, he was told that he had tested positive for Covid-19. By Wednesday, his symptoms were so serious that he needed hospitalisation. Farage was at the event.
One wonders if the cops, and the management of that pub, knows that he attended a rally where Covid-19 was spread, spent several hours on an aircraft, and then failed to observe quarantine when he got back home. Would he have been served if they had known?

As to his staged photo, James Felton mused “Pretty cool how the only person who’ll go to the pub with you is a hired photographer”. Taxi for Farage. The one with the blue light on.
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Unknown said...

Am I alone in hoping that JHB wakes up tomorrow to find she has no Twitter followers because they all did as she demanded?

Jonathan said...

Seems JHB's followers are taking it easy.
Apart from the 'Spoons and a couple of other local dives, it's all quiet on the Western Front presently.
Maybe JHB & can join Farage in a boozer to drown their sorrows together , Farage is at a loose end, maybe JHB could help ol' Frogface with the ladies?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, the sheer state of you people, a whole four years after you lost. "Bitter" just doesn't cover it.

The Toffee (597) said...

I voted leave.

But that doesn't make falange any less of a cunt. Nor does it make anyone who hates the godawful rodent - for whatever reason - 'bitter'.

Now, off you pop.

Anonymous said...

@ 21:06.

The COUNTRY lost.

As it's about to find out slowly, painfully....and "bitterly".

Chris jf said...

You lost too Mr anonymous. And deep down that's what upsets "you people" the most.

Anonymous said...

We won, you c**ts f**k off to Europe if you don't like it and take the hordes of eastern European criminals with you. Sorry for the language but it's your gobshite way of communicating.

Anonymous said...

Completely wrong to call us bitter.

It's anger. White hot anger.

iMatt said...

Funny how brexiters such as Farage and Cummings hail the calamity aka Brexit as a means of ''taking back control'' and ''being governed by British rather than EU laws''. However, when these very same British laws come into play, Farage and Cummings decide they wish to ignore them after all! Perhaps it's laws full stop they dislike.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:54 and 19:59.

Tsk tsk. Clean your keyboards. They're full of rabid spittle.