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Monday 13 July 2020

Dan, Dan The Backing A Bigot Man

While those in the UK contemplate life outside the EU, one of the Union’s member states is doing its best to join us: after a Presidential Election in Poland, incumbent Andrzej Duda has won a slim majority, signalling more abuse of the country’s judicial system and attacks on free speech. It was a victory achieved through massive media support for Duda, who used the campaign to indulge in a little bigotry and homophobia.
The BBC has concededMr Duda's win is expected to lead to further controversial reforms to the judiciary and continued opposition to abortion and gay rights … During the campaign Mr Duda came under heavy criticism after he said LGBT rights were an ‘ideology’ more destructive than communism”. Then there was the racism.
Andrzej Duda

JanVincent Rostowski had observed last week “Today’s evening news on Polish state television, controlled by the allies of incumbent President Andrzej Duda, just days before Sunday’s elections: ‘Will (democratic opposition candidate) Rafał Trzaskowski bow to Jewish demands?’” Yes, a Duda win is also about rabid anti-Semitism.
Mats Nilson was in no doubt where that should lead. “Polish government using state TV to win the Presidency for Duda with play on anti-Semitism. Suspend their [EU Council] voting rights now”. As the election results came in, Martin Jönsson-Niedziolka mused “So, bigotry, anti-semitism, populism and a blanket support from public media and the government managed to push Duda over the line”. And there was more in the same vein.
Stuart Falk had already concluded “Over the last two weeks, an already bitter contest turned even darker, as Mr. Duda’s campaign leaned heavily on stoking fear of gay people and the free press, and began making arguments tinged with anti Semitism”. But Duda had one supporter in the UK, Brexiteer and occasional Tory Daniel Hannan.
And just after midnight, he Tweeted “Congratulations to my old friend and colleague [Andrzej Duda] on his re-election to the Polish Presidency. Niech zyje Polska!” He may realise there might be a problem with such open support, after seeing the blowback. But, in case he decides to delete it, Patrick Lohlein has taken a copy.
The adverse comment was not long in appearing. “A so called libertarian congratulating the success of the erosion of judicial independence, homophobia and anti-semitism. As long as they are eurosceptic, eh Dan?” being typical. Another response was “Still too close to call, but whatever floats your boat, man! (which in this case seems to be homophobia, anti-Semitism, EU-phobia…)”. As Sir Sean nearly said, I think we got the point.
Ben Stanley asked “Was it the homophobia or the anti-German rhetoric you enjoyed most about your friend’s election campaign?” while Leonardo Carella added “Or was it the anti-semitism?” Those questions may explain why Hannan might think better of leaving his Tweet live. They also show that the right-wing in the UK has a homophobia and racism problem.

And that includes Dan, Dan The Oratory Man. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Gulliver Foyle said...

Except Hannan hasn't actually deleted the tweet, and is instead explaining that you can be "friends" with someone who doesn't share all your views.

So he's friends with homophobes and anti-semites.

Sam said...

And of course esteemed publications like the Jewish Chronicle will rip Dan to shreds over his support for a Neo-Fascist and his links to the Tories. Or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

All sounds vaguely familiar......

Anonymous said...

Poles being anti-German? I should hope so, it took them 79 years to apologise and they still owe Poland a thick wedge in reparations.

Poland for the Polish, wish we had his like here!

Anonymous said...

@ 15:26.

Maybe the Germans have taken a lead from the Yanks - who haven't paid a cent in reparations for apocalyptic destruction in Vietnam, Korea, the Middle East and Central and South America. Or the British for theft of national assets and genocides in its Empire days. Or any of the other assorted European Empires.