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Friday 31 July 2020

Spectator Man Eulogises Tommy Robinson

Those who go back a few years with Zelo Street may remember that it was a post responding to a Spectator article by James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole that first brought Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, to my attention, and, indeed, soon afterwards to my doorstep. And it is once again Del Boy who has been singing the praises of the former EDL head man in the latter’s hour of need.
"Gay marriage" ... "Global warming" ... "Red meat conservatism" ... "Far right sympathy ... "Twitching right arm" ... "Full on white supremacism" ... "Batshit conspiracy theories" ... "Remaining credibility down the pan"

Delingpole, still an occasional fixture at the Speccy, along with fellow bigots Rod Liddle, Taki Theordoracopulos and Doug Murray The K, and a big pal of the loathsome Toby Young, has this time used his platform at the convocation of the irredeemably batshit otherwise known as Breitbart to tell the world “Tommy Robinson Driven Into Exile by Arson Attack; Suspects BLM”. No, Del. Lennon claims that is what happened.

But do go on. “Robinson is currently taking refuge in Spain. In a statement on Parler he said that he did not think the arson attack on his wife’s property had anything to do with his track record of outspoken views on Islam”. Did you bother finding out more? No.

There is more in the same vein. “In a subsequent Parler statement, Robinson expressed his disappointment at the way the attack and its aftermath had been reported in the mainstream media, which implied that he had invited the arson assault because he had disparaged Black Lives Matter”. Bullshit. No citation, and none will be forthcoming.

Del Boy swallows Lennon’s paranoid whining whole, including “a violent revolutionary marxist ideology … a violent Marxist ideology at the very core of BLM leadership … BLM Marxist activists and ANTIFA defaced the Churchill statue … Had Churchill not won the war … there would be no black people living in the UK”. Bullshit. There had been black people living in the UK for hundreds of years before World War 2.
Delingpole shows just how much of this particular Kool-Aid he has been prepared to dink as he claims Lennon is “a working-class lad, handy with his fists, not afraid to get into a fight, unpolished, impulsive, with a string of minor criminal convictions”. Assaulting a Police officer, Mortgage fraud, attempting to enter the USA illegally, contempt of court. Yeah, dead minor, all of those. And he talks of “the arson attack on his wife’s property”.

Except, had Delingpole bothered to do his research - as Lizzie Dearden of the Independent did - he will know that the alleged arson attack was against a vehicle, not, as he suggests, against a house. Nor does he address Lennon’s Brexiteer hypocrisy, opposing the EU and then exploiting freedom of movement in its last days.

Nor, indeed, does he explain his obsession: he, as a posh boy (and pretentious with it) eulogising a violent thug - or is it just because he and his pals are bigots, and Lennon’s doing the same thing, and isn’t as scared as Del at admitting it? He’s a fan of Lennon because his idol is doing what Liddle, Murray and Co would love to see done. Heck, Murray has also just laid into BLM. The posh alt-right and the EDL aren’t so far apart.

We know Stephen Lennon is a far-right extremist. Thanks to James Delingpole, we now know the names of some of his fellow travellers. I’ll just leave that one there.
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grim northerner said...

Posh boy football supporters who wish they were like the 'casuals'. Truly sad.

Anonymous said...

"he’s a working-class lad, handy with his fists, not afraid to get into a fight, unpolished, impulsive, with a string of minor criminal convictions"

Christ, it was like reading a really shit version of the bit in De profundis where Oscar Wilde talks about "feasting with panthers".

The Toffee (597) said...

Handy with his fists? Dear old delingpole not seen many bar brawls, then, I take it?

If you call walking up behind a single person to punch them in the back of the head when surrounded by all your mates being 'handy' then I guess lennon is.

Put him up in a 'straightener' against even one of the pretend hardcases from round my way and he'd be mincemeat in seconds - With or without his gobshite mates.

Seems to me the posh boy's got a bit of 'a thing' for the 'bit of rough'.

...Still, I s'pose it makes a change from looking for pictures of dogs having sex, eh?

J said...

Its funny how they all seem to jump easily from the alt-reich - white supremacist - Reichbarf, to the alt-reich Spectator, and back to the alt-reich Reichbarf... its almost as if they really like the alt-reich publications, almost as if they were border line fascists writing for borderline neo-fascist publications... oh, wait.

Anonymous said...

Dear Toffee

I don't know if you've seen this
https://twitter.com/sustrapperazzi_/status/1282309409532772352 Anonymous who isn't me kindly provided a link to a twitter accounnt where a young man takes great exception to Stephen's racism and proceeds to make him shit his pants.

Anonymous said...

J... yes they are. This also explains the Covid herd immunity stuff (the weak shall be weeded out), the science denial, the strange obsession with breeding and genes & the complete lack of empathy for anyone who isn't in their immediate social circle.

Delingpole was trying to be a smart-arse not wearing a mask. Would like to see him arrested to set an example. But we live in Tory land, so we'll probably have him on Question Time explaining why masks are a leftist plot or some other guff.

Anonymous said...

Gradually, far right nutjobs move even further to the right.

This is going to end badly. Very badly.

J said...

@ Anonymous 20:29

Oddly enough they get really scared when one of them gets ill... you could see it when Alexander Boris de-Twatwaffle Johnson got ill and they all used lines like "how could he get it and it affect him so badly - he's such a strong person; has a strong constitution; and is of the right breeding," all the while forgetting that he's a fat git that never exercises and drinks huge amounts of alcohol (while saying he doesn't drink, even though almost every clip of him "with firends/funders" shows him with a glass in his hand and being slightly tired and emotional).

Its almost as if their circle is just as likely to get ill, and it really upsets them to think they are no different to the plebs as far as viruses are concerned. Heck Smellypoll was scrating about having an illness and begging for cash to treat it not many months back and now he's pretending he's made of stern stuff by taking his mask off (bet he only takes it off for the photo, then puts it back on) and needs funding to promote the fact hydroshitstuff and zinc treatment. They truely are hypocritical neo-fash wankers.

grim northerner said...

It will, for them.

Anonymous said...

Makes you nostalgic for NF fatboy Martin Webster who at least was very open(?) about his love for skinhead youth.

Sam said...

Anon at 13.51 Indeed I once accompanied a gay pal on a driving charge to court where Webster was also appearing on a charge. When the bailiff called out my friend's name I went frantically looking for him and found him in another court room sitting in the middle of Webster's supporters- about 20 hard core young skinheads.

Anonymous said...

Tommy the migrant. The irony is lost on him. No doubt he'll complain that nobody speaks English over there.