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Tuesday 7 July 2020

Boris Blames The Dead For Dying

There are some out there whose support for alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is as unconditional as it is unequivocal and unswerving. His problem, and that of his chief polecat Dominic Cummings, is that their number is gradually dwindling, not least because Bozo The Clown keeps on alienating them. And now has come the alienation to end all alienations as he homes in on another target for blame.
One of the saddest aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic has been the number of deaths in care homes, not least because thousands of elderly patients were moved from NHS facilities to care homes without being tested for Covid-19. The result was that the virus was released into an environment where it could rampage through one of the most vulnerable groups in the population. Staff were also infected; some of them died too.
So what say Bozo yesterday? “Too many care homes didn’t really follow the procedures in the way that they could have”. Boo care homes! It was care homes What Done It! The blowback was instantaneous, as Sky News told: “Boris Johnson has been urged to apologise after he angered care home bosses by claiming ‘too many’ in the sector ‘didn't really follow the procedures’ during the coronavirus crisis”. Bozo apologise? You jest.
Meanwhile, former prosecutor Nazir Afzal had seen enough. “Here we go: Blame - Care Homes for deaths, NHS for not having enough Intensive care or PPE, Victim for getting the disease. No Mr Johnson I blame you & your Govt for: Delayed Lockdown, Poor preparation, Poor communication, No strategy other than herd immunity, 10,000s of avoidable deaths”. The Tweeter known as My Sweet Landlord was yet more severe.
After asking “Did the govt ‘follow the procedures’ when infected residents were discharged from hospital, without testing, to care homes short of personal protective equipment?” came the follow-up “And who was responsible for establishing correct procedures? Presumably Public Health England, Local Councils, Teaching Unions, Michel Barnier, Neil Ferguson, Keir Starmer, Gary Lineker, Frankie Boyle. Any bastard but Boris!” Quite.
Howard Beckett of the Unite union added “They blamed the villagers for Aberfan, They blamed the fans for Hillsborough, They blamed the miners for Orgreave, They blamed the firefighters for Grenfell … Now Boris Johnson blames Care Home workers for Coronavirus. We must bust this rigged system open”. James Morrow also found Bozo wanting.
Johnson wanted to be Prime Minister. He had visions of being heroic. If lying, cheating & blaming others for his own mistakes are aspects of heroism, then Johnson has succeeded. But these attributes are not heroic and neither is Johnson. He has proved to be a total failure”. And David Schneider had a grim warning for The Great Man.
Boris Johnson. Time between clapping for care homes and blaming them for his mistakes and the deaths they caused: less than 24 hours … Like Dominic Cummings’s tour of the North, this monstrous care home accusation will stick. It shows Johnson for who he is. People have lost relatives. People know and value care workers, some of whom have died doing their job. This will not be forgotten at the next election”.

Especially as he won’t apologise, or if he does he won’t mean it. Alienation complete.
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A Kelly said...

The villagers of Aberfan were blamed by the government of the day-which was Labour. The government also made the village pay for the removal of the slag heap from the disaster fund. Credit where it's due.

(The Labour Welsh minister later repaid the fund in 1997 but that was a purely personal decision, nothing to do with the government.

Jonathan said...

We have to change our entire social, economic and political system to stop rewarding Antisocial personalites who when they make mistakes deny responsibility, blame others and worsen the pain for victims and their families.

What the Hillsborough Families went through with the Thatcher government and her lickspittles prepared to the do the dirty work- the Sun. Any fan of any of the major North West and London footbal clubs all could vouch that Hillsborough was totally unsuitable to hold major events.
Whatever people may think of Jeremy Corbyn, he always took responsibility, would never have blamed others for his own or his government's mistakes.
Sadly our people fell for the lies of the Tories,the Fifth Columnists within Labour and a hostile media led by the Tory supporting Laura Kuenssberg..

Our public school system creates the environment for this behaviour. We have to scrap them or embark on root and branch overhaul starting with scrapping their charitable status.

Anonymous said...

Slippery word that "...really..."

This episode is just one more example of the cowardly filth running right through the British political class.

One day it will reach critical mass. Then gawd help us all.

Twp said...

From Wikipedia: -
'The tip was the responsibility of the National Coal Board (NCB), and the subsequent inquiry placed the blame for the disaster on the organisation and nine named employees.'

'An official inquiry was chaired by Lord Justice Edmund Davies. The report placed the blame squarely on the NCB. The organisation's chairman, Lord Robens, was criticised for making misleading statements and for not providing clarity as to the NCB's knowledge of the presence of water springs on the hillside. Neither the NCB nor any of its employees were prosecuted and the organisation was not fined.'

'The Aberfan Disaster Memorial Fund (ADMF) was set up on the day of the disaster. It received nearly 88,000 contributions, totalling £1.75 million. The remaining tips were removed only after a lengthy fight by Aberfan residents, against resistance from the NCB and the government on the grounds of cost. Clearing was paid for by a government grant and a forced contribution of £150,000 taken from the memorial fund. In 1997 the British government paid back the £150,000 to the ADMF, and in 2007 the Welsh Assembly donated £1.5 million to the fund and £500,000 to the Aberfan Education Charity as recompense for the money wrongly taken.'

Unknown said...

Revocation of the grotesque charitable status of some of these "public" schools would certainly be a good start.

Nigel Stapley said...

I describe the events at Aberfan here: http://www.thejudge.me.uk/Rants/Rants_20161021.htm

As others have said, the whole thing was s stitch-up between NCB chairman Robems (who was a former Labour MP) and 'Gorgeous George' Thomas (the Sec. of State at the time, and once-and-future nonce).

It's not the party in power at the time, it's the fact that power in the so-called 'UK' is largely unaccountable.

On this particular story, though, I think anyone who believes that this will be remembered at the next election (which is, remember, nearly 4.5 years off) is being mildly delustional. Enough Union Jack waving and dog-whistling in the meantime will get enough of the population to vote them back is, especially as Labour has now decided to render itself meaningless in the eyes of those most in need of a champion again.

dropkick55 said...

“Johnson wanted to be Prime Minister. He had visions of being heroic. If lying, cheating & blaming others for his own mistakes are aspects of heroism, then Johnson has succeeded. But these attributes are not heroic and neither is Johnson. He has proved to be a total failure"
Same as when he was Mayor of London with crap buses,Water Cannon's and that bloody bridge that was untenable!
Total waste of space like the rest of his family!

Anonymous said...

Tim you might be interested to contact Katie Bramall-Stainer via her twitter feed. She has made a series of posts which I believe readers will find very interesting.. You also might consider asking for permission to reproduce in some kind of article. She is a GP and speaks frankly of her recent experiences of working on the front line. Her posts really do need to be brought to a wider attention and I’d hope that by running a possible feature you and your readers might help in this.

Anonymous said...

It runs through a series of 29 numbered tweets beginning with ... ***RANT ALERT***

I am an NHS GP, and when a local school rang me as duty doctor for my 10,000 patients on Monday 24 February, to complain of a number of cases of a febrile illness, having returned 48 hours earlier from a half term ski trip to the Italian Alps.... 2/

A Kelly said...

I know from personal experience that Dr BS isn't exactly to the left....