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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Peter’s Nickname Puzzle

[Update at end of post]

The Evening Standard’s Peter Dominiczak has clearly decided not to rest on his laurels following his successful participation in the re-election of occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Just in the last few days, he has been extolling the joys of Bozza to an eager audience (well, if you’re stuck in the latest Jubilee Line foul-up, OK maybe not so eager).

On Monday of last week, he was recycling the Boris line on improvements to Tramlink in Croydon. Then on Wednesday it was more Boris puffery as the Mayor went on Olympic ring lowering duty with Seb Coe. The following day brought yet more favourable Bozza column inches as the idea of a new Super Whizzo airport was declared to be “better than high speed rail”.

And, for readers who didn’t get that last one, Dominiczak also co-authored another piece on the “new airport” theme, this time featuring IAG head man Willie Walsh. Then it was more Bozza promotion on Friday, this time on local rail services: “Mr Johnson wants control over rail franchises so he can lower fares and allow the Oyster scheme to be used on the whole network”.

This is pro-Bozza spinning of the most fawning kind. So one might think Peter has been nicknamed accordingly, but he has not. Far from being connected with his clearly beloved Mayor, Dominiczak has been awarded the nickname “Dominatrix”, which one would expect only to apply to women.

What on earth can this mean? As Private Eye might have said, I think we should be told.

[UPDATE 4 July 1555 hours: Peter Dominiczak was clearly not pleased to hear that his nickname was being discussed openly, but he has confirmed that my information was correct, although rather sourly grumbles that it is "5 yrs late I'm afraid".
So, having received his confirmation, I ask again, why is he known by the nickname "Dominatrix"? All replies gratefully received, and of course anyone is free to email me on the subject. The address is at the right hand side of the blog]

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