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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Dick Goes Race Baiting And Disabled Bashing

One self-appointed Olympic participant who won’t be sent home no matter what the nature of his comments – as he’s already there and his legendarily foul mouthed editor is the sole arbiter of right and wrong at the Mail – is the tedious and unfunny churnalist Richard Littlejohn, the Million Pound Hack who has excreted another steaming column of rank unpleasantness today.

Equality, Guv? It's all ethnics and queers, innit?!?

Dicky Windbag has the Equality Commission in his sights: because of this body and the associated legislation, he asserts, “it would mean that no one from an ethnic minority or with any kind of disability could ever be sacked”. He wants the Commission to be scrapped as “even though inequality still exists, we are long past the point where we need a full-time, expensive quango to enforce minority rights”.

Doesn’t the Littlejohn column get subbed? Is there such a thing as a part-time quango? Or a variable scale of quango expense? Whatever. Dick knows that the Equality Commission has a sinister purpose: “a cynical piece of New Labour social engineering designed to scupper any attempt by an incoming Conservative government to tackle the gargantuan budget deficit generated by Gordon Brown’s drunken sailor public spending spree”.

But Dick knows the readers will only swallow his drivel if he serves up a joke or two, however lame. So he has a dig at Trevor Phillips: “If he manages to close it altogether he will richly deserve the knighthood that is often wrongly awarded to him by newspapers who can’t tell the difference between him and Sir Trevor McDonald”.

See, they can’t tell them apart! It’s only a bit of fun!! Where’s your sense of humour?!? And, as the man said, there’s more: “The old Commission for Racial Equality performed a valuable function in the days when racism was rife”. Er, a word in your shell-like, Dicky Boy: had you read what you just wrote, you would know that in your column, racism still is rife.

Take this gem on the Equality Commission and the minority groups within it: “the gays have fallen out with the Muslims and there have been allegations that the Afro-Caribbeans are paid more than the Asians”. Dick, you’ve opened your North and South and inserted one of your Plates of Meat in it. You’re behaving like a total Bell and Cranker. Oh wait, here comes a disability pronouncement.

There are now 3.2 million people claiming long-term disability, even though they are perfectly able to do some kind of job”. The number appears to be those claiming an out-of-work benefit, so Dick is pulling a fast one. And, as I pointed out yesterday, the assumption that all could do some kind of job is pie in the sky. This is just another example of dog-whistling, spiced up with a few choice whoppers.

And then it gets phoned in from a Florida poolside. No change there, then.

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Anonymous said...

He really is a nasty piece of work. Trying to paint a picture of someone who claims benefits because of acne as nothing more than a spotty youth. Disgusting. He must know full well that no one would be able to claim benefits for being a bit spotty. What they could and should claim benefits for is if they are suffering from a serious disease like acne fulminans. As well as causing painful open sores, amongst other things it causes swollen and painful joints, fever, bone infections, extreme weight loss and muscle atrophy. It often needs lengthy hospital treatment. You would be completely incapacitated and certainly unable to work. Litllejohn's lies are fuelling disability hate crime.