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Monday, 10 May 2010

Winners Are Really Losers

While talks between Young Dave’s jolly good chaps and Corporal Clegg’s platoon drag on, there has been a concerted effort from the Tory cheerleaderati to head off any idea of a deal between the Lib Dems and Pa Broon. This has brought another superb example of meaningless flannelspeak into play.

And that flannelspeak is to call such a deal a “coalition of losers”. Like many buzz-phrases, it makes a brief impact, until some thought is applied. And then it is revealed as pejorative and empty.

All those folk who were returned by their constituencies won. Yes, they won a Parliamentary Election. All of them, whether Lib Dem, Nationalist, or even Labour, are winners. They would not otherwise have become MPs.

So agreement between these people would not feature any losers. But it would mean that the Tories lost out. Hence this latest desperate deployment of flannelspeak.

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