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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

That’ll Cost You, Sport – 14

Waiting at the payout window, as a new two-headed donkey is stitched together by Young Dave and Corporal Clegg, is an interfering foreigner whose less than benign influence this country could well do without.

Yes, Rupe and Junior will be looking to their quid pro quo for all that slavish support, hopeful that Cameron’s talk of neutering Ofcom and dealing with the Beeb will deliver them more power over the luckless citizenry. Well, they might just be disappointed.

Because the incoming Government will have more pressing priorities than to gift even larger revenue streams to a family that has already extended its malign influence too far. Any lobbying by the Murdochs should be treated in the same way as the Sky junk mail that dropped through my letter box less than an hour ago.

Straight in the bin with it. Sorted.


Anonymous said...

Cameron only said that he would reduce Ofcom's policy making powers, not affect the ability of the regulators to do their primary job.

Cameron also mentioned two other quangos in the same speech, so the focus was not Ofcom - the focus was quangos that waste public money trying to do the job of government.

Why would you oppose that unless you were just being partisan?

But at least get your facts straight...

Tim Fenton said...

Your counter only stands if Ofcom does indeed make policy: its head denied the suggestion and the Tories have not stood up their assertion.

What was that about getting facts straight? Not that you might be partisan, of course.

But thanks for stopping by - one cannot object to free dissenting speech.