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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Out Of Range

This, you’ll readily understand, is written knowing that it will not be read for a day or two. It’s all about having the laptop, and doing the blogs, but not having the connection. So does anything get done differently, knowing that it can’t be time critical?

Well, yes, but only to an extent: anything from my travels isn’t affected so much by the couple of days’ delay, so gets written anyway. Anything to do with the upcoming General Election, or politics generally, tends to be “ignored” – well, for blogging purposes, at least, although there are occasional exceptions.

Here in Portugal, the very obvious exception has to do with the economic situation in the country: the strikes I’ve already mentioned, and today there has been a lot of hot air expended in the country’s Parliament, as not only the politicians, but also the wider public, face up to some middling to serious spending restraint.

There is no way round this: one more common thread between this country and the UK is that, whoever is in power, there are an awful lot of those “tough choices” to come.

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