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Sunday, 23 May 2010

All Rise For Her Majesty

In Pa Broon’s three years at the helm, there was a stream of gaffes, losses and leaks, so it has surprised few observers that the new and improved two-headed donkey has chalked up its first leak this weekend. What will come as a surprise is that the leak is apparently of the Queen’s Speech, which makes it a first.

So, assuming the leaked material to be genuine, we now know that there are to be scrapping of ID cards, more schools becoming academies, a policing bill, and of course legislation to bring in fixed term Parliaments. Yes, there was much advance briefing under Labour, but not of a Queen’s Speech.

Who could have been behind the leak? The possibility that those in Tory and Lib Dem ranks opposed to the coalition deal are behind it cannot be ruled out, but how many rank and file MPs see this beforehand? My guess is that this is the work of hacked off civil servants: all it needs is a quick copy and paste to lift the text and drop it into another file.

Why would anyone do that? Well, why not? There are job losses on the way within the Public Sector, with a figure of 300,000 having been pitched. And there is little use dressing the cuts up as “only back office posts”. Whichever office is affected, these cuts are of people and, until and unless they find alternative employment, their livelihoods.

Someone may have got their retaliation in first.

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