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Saturday, 1 May 2010

What A Let Down

Out of range of the General Election for half a week, I expected to be overwhelmed by twists, turns and developments when the campaign came back into view. I was not even slightly overwhelmed.

Thursday evening I caught the end of the third leaders’ debate, and was not impressed by Young Dave’s closing remarks. He told me nothing: it was PR from a former PR man, utterly void of any substance. And this is the bloke who is expecting to be ushered into 10 Downing Street next week. So we still don’t know what may happen – and I remember the last time a Tory Government arrived, so this causes more than a little apprehension.

Meanwhile, Pa Broon has had “Bigotgate”, another moment of Mea Maxima Culpa, so you might have thought that Labour’s poll numbers would have nosedived, but they have if anything risen slightly. Just think what might happen if he and his colleagues came out fighting – we might get a half decent contest.

Which brings me to Corporal Clegg, who is still posting poll ratings as good as Labour, but I wonder for how long. And those ratings would not translate into anything like the same number of seats, so which of the other two parties is going to oblige on electoral reform? They’re not. Labour have had three terms and offered nothing, with the Tories before them doing likewise. Cameron will be no different.

So that’s the same old politics too. Another let down.

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