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Friday 5 February 2010

The War After Tomorrow – 2

As I noted the other day, Tony Blair made noises during his evidence before the Iraq Enquiry about the possibility of moving against Iran. He also tossed a superbly crafted red herring into the mix, this being the “2010 question”. This was to assume that Iraq in 2010 would be a yet more serious problem, along with the attempt to link Iran into the discussion.

Truth be told, Iraq after many years of sanctions was in no position to progress or even preserve any major weapons programmes, and the suggestion that moving the counter on by seven years would make things more serious for the international community is therefore tosh.

This has now been reinforced by former chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix in an interview recorded for an upcoming edition of the BBC’s HARDTalk programme. Iraq after those years of sanctions, he tells, was “on its back”. This shows that the Blair “2010 question” was indeed no more than a smokescreen.

As for the sabre rattling over Iran – we don’t want to go there. End of story.

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