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Saturday 27 February 2010

The Lead Narrows – 2

Today, the Tories, together with the usual motley convocation of cheerleaders, hacks and other hangers-on, are having a so-called Spring Conference. Fortunately for those of us in Crewe, this jolly is happening some 200 miles away in Brighton. And, while there will no doubt be much mud slung at Pa Broon and Corporal Clegg, there will still be no conclusive answer to the question that many are asking.

And that question has to do with the shrinking opinion poll lead which I mentioned yesterday. Given the amount of money that is being thrown at Tory propaganda – most noticeably the poster campaigns – they should be out of sight by now, especially given the unpopularity of Pa Broon and the less than total discipline displayed by Labour.

Instead, this so-called Conference is considering what to do in the event of a hung parliament. There is even suggestion that infighting has already broken out between the mole-like Steve Hilton and former Screws editor Andy Coulson, the two members of Young Dave’s team who should be working together, not merely to satisfy the obvious need of the Party, but as an example to everyone else.

Well, if they’re preparing for a less than total victory, and the electorate knows that, the result could easily be to make the Tories less popular still. If they haven’t got the confidence in their policies, their message, and their abilities, then why should anyone else? The opportunity for Labour appears more than possible: however, the chance of costly own goals is not the preserve merely of Her Majesty's Opposition.

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