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Thursday 18 February 2010

Another Regular Kind Of Guy

There must be a General Election in the offing: Young Dave has been out and about doing interviews, telling how he – like, well, y’know, Tone – is yet another regular kind of guy. In fact, he’s so ordinary that he drinks canned Guinness.

Er, what? Who dreamed that up for him? If Team Cameron had applied themselves a little to the subject, they would have found that most beer drinkers who crack the proverbial tube from time to time go for lager or “smooth” bitter first and foremost. Despite the attentions of the admen, Guinness – particularly the “ordinary” kind – lags well behind (admittedly, the “draught” version is still popular).

Personally, I’d have found Young Dave far more convincing if he said he was more of a red wine kind of bloke, and wasn’t going to pretend to be one of the “lads” just to look cool. The whole exercise looks like something put together merely to tick a number of voter appeal boxes: Dave likes darts, but isn’t any good at it, which lets him out of being challenged to a few 501s down the local pub.

Fortunately, he also says he likes Sky+, which ticks a crucial box: the Murdoch press have more advertorial copy to splash, and Rupe will be pleased with his new friend.

And look on the bright side: only two and a half months to go. Allegedly.

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