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Sunday 14 February 2010

New Travel Rules On The Number 88

Things are, apparently, changing at the British National Party (BNP): following an extraordinary general meeting, they have decided to drop their “whites only” membership criterion. So does this mean a more inclusive approach for Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nick Griffin and his fellow St├╝rmers?

The habit of bears in woods is the kind of sentiment that comes to mind. Griffin himself has conceded that “We had to do it for legal reasons”, which does not look like he and his Waffle SS Abteilung have undergone any substantial character change.

So when Griffin takes the biscuit with characteristic lack of subtlety when he says that “They can’t call us racist any more”, he should remember that it is still Panto season.

Oh yes they can!

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Jonny York said...

Do you think that if you change the travel rules it would be sufficient to manage the visitors? Though the rules are the same, it must be seen that the visitors who come to the place get all the facilities.