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Saturday 20 February 2010

Friday Food (delayed) – 5

First off, apologies for the delay – yesterday I was once more out and about, taking a brief rest from the blog. This week’s Friday Food follows on from the recent item on fish – it’s for those who can’t face the idea of taking apart a whole fish and dealing with the bones. With those who find that kind of thing picky, I agree, but my view is that the taste is worth it.

So what if you’re prepared to do more fish, but don’t want the hassle? Here’s two suggestions that shouldn’t prove bank breaking.

Available in tasty fillet form from any local supermarket is Salmon: cooked in the same foil wrap as whole fish, it can benefit from the inclusion of a little herb or garlic butter. You might get the odd bone, but it’s rare: processing nowadays is pretty good at removing anything of significant size.

And available in more and more outlets is Tuna, and not in a tin (useful though that is), but as a steak. You can grill it plain, or do it with a sauce, as in the ubiquitous Algarve style tuna served up across southern Portugal. It’s a great fish alternative for those used to beef or pork steak.

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