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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Up In Smoke

The law in the UK is clear: no smoking inside any enclosed public area. It doesn’t seem so clear in Austria.

While out having eats this evening, at the next table was a young woman with a laptop addiction: it was permanently open, but not distracting or otherwise harming anyone else. Behind her, at the bar, the only taker was joined by two friends. One of them decided to light up, which went down badly with the laptop user: she asked to be moved.

This news was relayed back to those at the bar, and the smoker was not happy at being fingered for another’s complaint. But that addiction – you wouldn’t smoke purely for any kind of pleasure – was affecting anyone around.

My conclusion, as ever, was that I have no problem with anyone who suffers from an addiction to any kind of drug, so long as they keep the side effects to themselves.

Not easy for smokers.

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