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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A Cautionary Tale – 3

As it’s over a week since I arrived back from the Netherlands to find that the criminally inclined had treated themselves to my LumpCam (tm), I decided to take stock and check on progress. The results column is predictably empty.

The only progress with the Police has been that, as I’m suitably hacked off with their total lack of service, I’ve filed a complaint with the IPCC. You can do it online, and nobody who feels that they’ve had bad service from the cops should feel averse to doing the same.

EasyJet are maintaining radio silence, showing that they are as caring as the cops about the behaviour of their handling agents’ staff. I would phone them, but then, scraping my fingers down the nearest blackboard would be more productive.

The only folks who are enthusiastic about the whole business are those who would very much like me to buy another LumpCam (tm). What a surprise.

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