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Friday, 4 September 2009

Rear Ended in the Aldi

I’m on my travels this weekend: Zelo Street is therefore coming from Vienna for a few days. No-one should feel any envy at this news: arrival this afternoon was after a bumpy hop from Zürich, into a city with the rain coming, as Milligan might have said, in the direction of down.

But life must go on, and shopping is as ever a necessity. So it was that I found myself in the checkout queue at a nearby Aldi – well, here they call them Hofer – in front of a young woman who was balancing a conversation on her mobile with getting the contents of her trolley on to the belt.

Not, sad to say, with total success.

As I waited in line, there was a gasp from behind, then a crack as a bottle of inexpensive (but no doubt serviceable) sparkling wine burst open on the floor. It did at least stop the mobile usage and concentrate one person’s mind.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t planned for this, and didn’t pack another pair of jeans. So for the rest of the weekend I will be trailing an increasingly stale aroma of cheap vino. I’ll get over it, and who knows? It might be worth a seat on a crowded tram.

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