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Friday, 18 September 2009

Forget the Reserve

We Brits are too nice. Oh yes we are. Too much of that traditional reserve: we don’t complain much – I’d say we don’t complain enough. And when you do decide to make adverse comment on less than ideal service, it can surprise you. It certainly surprised a regular observer of events on Zelo Street.

He’d booked a train journey, and done it via a well known website formerly run by a Train Operating Company which now has only one franchise rather than two (Anyone not figured that one out? Go and stand at the back of the class). So far, so predictable. But then the reason for the travel was postponed. What to do? The Reasonable Man went into Reserved Brit Mode and got on the phone. This proved pointless over a series of calls. Note use of the plural.

So he complained.

And, miracle of miracles, it worked: a full refund was offered – which was the response that should have come very soon after the start of the first phone conversation. Why wasn’t it? Who knows.

As a result of this good fortune, he has signed himself “Enamoured of Tunbridge Wells”. Well, until the next Customer Service Experience (tm).

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