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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Stopping the Journey of the Number 88?

So it’s going to be Jack Straw who takes on the odious Nick Griffin, Oberscheissenführer of the BNP, when Griffin gets his chance on the BBC’s Question Time, as the Beeb itself has revealed. I had previously reckoned that Hilary Benn would have been a good choice, but Straw will do nicely.

Why so? Well, if there’s one Cabinet Minister who does the nit picking rebuttal and point reinforcing to a degree that sometimes looks obsessive, it’s Jack Straw. Experienced opposition types are well used to his style – heck, even I’ve become immune, and no longer get the urge to launch the newest portable through the dining room window when he’s in full flow. Griffin may not be up to speed here, though.

There will no doubt be a variety of subjects up for discussion when the prog gets aired – October 22 appears to be the date to watch – but all the main parties’ reps will be waiting to put one over on Nick Griffin. Given the BNP’s appetite for making inroads in traditional Labour areas, Straw will be looking to land the significant blows on the former boxing blue, and that would be just the ticket.

To bring the journey of the Number 88 to a shuddering halt.

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