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Friday, 11 September 2009

The Network Rail Conundrum

Network Rail (NR), the organisation that looks after the tracks, signalling, regulation and maintenance of the UK’s rail network, is a not for profit company. It also manages to look in on Zelo Street sufficiently frequently to have been able to manage a chapter and verse rebuttal of a one line comment I made in a recent post.

So, given the ease with which NR can put out information when its folks are so minded, you’d think that volunteering information in response to a specific request would be a doddle.

You’d think wrong.

I’ve been trying for a matter of months now – without success – to get a straight answer out of NR about part of their infrastructure in the Crewe area (as for detail, I’ll leave it at that, not wanting to induce insomnia in anyone). To the last request there has been not a peep.

So, if NR’s Media Persons are in the room, I’d love to hear from them. Comments or email – the address is provided.

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