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Sunday 29 October 2017

Top Six - October 29

So what’s hot, and what’s not, in the past week’s blogging? Here are the six most popular posts on Zelo Street for the past seven days, counting down in reverse order, because, well, I have to be out and about later. So there.
6 Katie Hopkins Mosque Paranoia The Golders Green Hippodrome is slated to become an Islamic community centre. Hatey Katie is out to stop it. Another failure beckons.

5 Guido Fawked - Bully And Hypocrite The perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog went after Labour MP Jared O’Mara for inappropriate comments about women, while managing to miss their own contribution to this genre.

4 Leave EU Tricks Press - And BBC The “research” by News-Watch has been quoted as proof of anti-Leave bias at the Corporation. But this organisation is another Leave EU front, one of Arron Banks’ many enterprises.

3 Daily Politics Suckered The BBC’s willingness to feature a young woman in the Jared O’Mara affair as a reliable witness may have been misplaced. That’s what comes from taking your cue from the Fawkes rabble.

2 Trump And Farage - Shit Hits Fan Someone is going to be arrested, most likely to rat out others, as a result of the Trump-Russia investigation. It may be someone close to Nigel Farage, or indeed, someone very close to him.

1 Trump Throws Farage Under The Bus Any fallout from that visit to the Ecuadorian embassy, and indeed anything else that Mr Thirsty may have done for his pal in the White House, is now solely down to Farage. Never mind, eh?

And that’s the end of another blogtastic week, blog pickers. Not ‘arf!

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