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Saturday 7 October 2017

Diane Abbott Is Right AGAIN

A group calling itself the Football Lads’ Alliance (FLA) is holding a rally today in central London, which is claimedto demonstrate their views against extremism … to protect their children, grandchildren and families from the extremist threat prevalent throughout the world today”. One of the organisers has added a little more detail.
We all wish to show our concern at the recent upsurge in terror attacks taking place across the UK and Europe. We will be remembering the victims and calling on the Government to take decisive action against the extremist threat. Both of these groups are opposed to all extremism and racism and totally committed to making a positive contribution to the great challenge we all face”. Not everyone is convinced of their motives.

One of those is Labour’s shadow home secretary Diane Abbott. As the Stand Up To Racism campaign has told, “Leading trade union and labour movement figures including Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, Lord Peter Hain, trade union leaders and others have signed a statement expressing concerns about Saturday’s Football Lads Alliance (FLA) demonstration in central London”. And there is more.
The FLA group claims it is simply opposed to terrorism and extremism. However anti-racist campaigners are concerned that the event will attract far right and racist organisations … In recent weeks there has been sustained racist and Islamophobic postings on the FLA Facebook page, including by people who openly admit to being linked to groups like the English Defence League”. The EDL is not yet dead.

Being “opposed to extremism” is all too often used as cover for Islamophobia. You think I exaggerate? One look at sites like Defend Europa shows what I mean. “Around 30,000 patriotic Football fans from all across the UK will put aside team rivalries to march in London tomorrow (Saturday 7th), the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) has reported” it tells.
We read of “the UK government’s failure to deal with Islamic terrorism”. The victimhood and smear machine is in full swing, too: “Communist groups have threatened to field many counter-protestors, with the extremist newspaper, Socialist Worker, urging members of the far-left to ‘sound the alarm, go on the streets’ and confront the peaceful marchers”.

This from a website which uses heading descriptions such as “Migrants”, “Islamisation of Europe”, “Population Replacement” and “Heritage and Identity”. Moreover, while the FLA Twitter feed wants you to know “And they say racist as a cheap shot … All together on this one …  All faiths, colour No racisim No VIOLENCE … Together We Are Stronger”, the mask does not take long to slip and show us the nature of this particular beast.
Talk about stand up to racism. Time to stand up to the Diane Abbott welcoming committie [sic] Saturday … We'll show enoughs [sic] enough … A show of force!” Yeah, that’s peaceful, inclusive and not at all racist. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

Diane Abbott was right once again. Getting to be a habit of hers, isn’t it?


Simon said...

Saturday afternoon is an odd time or football fans to be taking part in a march don't you think?

Stuart said...

Is the FLA organised by the same John Meighan who in 2011 was given a suspended sentence for his part in football violence?


I think we should be told.

Steve Woods said...


It's weekend when for World Cup qualifying matches, so there are no games taking place in the top two English divisions.

Andy McDonald said...

Additionally how many are the thug brigades from lower level teams, or more likely to be watching from the pub and not the ground?

Anonymous said...

"Stronger together"?

Isn't that a Socialist claim?

Whatever happened to "free" trading, individualist, entrepreneurial, heroic "creators" of wealth?

Simon said...

@Steve Woods:

I'm aware of that. Business as usual outside the top 44 clubs though and the football pyramid goes a long way down. And the majority of those not playing are based a long way from London. Still adds up to a very convenient excuse in my book.

Anonymous said...

Spurs hooligan disallowed from World Cup
This is London
Friday 7th July 2006
By Kate Southern

A prolific Spurs football hooligan has been banned from all UK matches and ordered to pay �5,000 costs after he was caught heading to Germany suspected of plotting to cause violence at the World Cup.

John Meighan, 22, of Orchardson Street, St John's Wood, was stopped by officials at Stansted Airport trying to leave on a flight to Nice with his girlfriend.

Meighan was believed to have been travelling to France, before moving on to Germany to cause trouble among World Cup revellers.

He was hauled before Chelmsford Magistrates on Friday, where Sgt Simon Wilmott, of Haringey's Football Intelligence Unit, presented a dossier of evidence.

Using photographs and CCTV footage, more than 160 reports of Meighan's football thuggery in connection with his following of Spurs in recent years were presented to the Bench.

Magistrates slapped Meighan with a three-year banning order which prevents him from going within two miles of any regulated football match four hours before or after kick-off.

He is also banned from entering any UK town or city for games involving Tottenham Hotspur and Leyton Orient and was ordered to pay �5,000 costs.

Sgt Wilmott said: "Haringey Police will not wait for a conviction to target football hooligans.

"We are continuously gathering information and intelligence against persons who seek to become involved in disorder or those who align themselves to hooligan groups.

"This action also reassures real fans and makes people aware we are constantly working with Tottenham Hotspur towards ridding the club of fans who want to bring the club into disrepute."