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Monday 2 October 2017

Boris Officially A Murdoch Asset

After the pretence ended, and the Murdoch press began openly to show it was using London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson for its own ends, with Saturday’s Sunexclusive” and the Sunday Times attack on Theresa May with its mental health smears yesterday, has come confirmation that Zelo Street was right all along. Bozza is an asset of the Murdoch mafiosi.
A total Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

We can see this as he has once again provided material for an alleged Sunexclusive”, once more under the by-line of non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn, which is, like Saturday’s effort, most unlikely to have been run past the PM or her staff first. Here, readers are toldBoris Johnson plots power grab of £13billion foreign aid as PM Theresa May ducks out of showdown”. Bozza the brave! Theresa the chicken!

There was more. “BORIS Johnson revealed he has mounted a fresh Whitehall power grab … In a move that will spark a fresh furore today, Boris told The Sun he wants Britain’s aid ministry to become part of his Foreign Office empire again … Winning back control over the Department for International Development and its £13billion budget will be seen as a bid by Boris to expand his powerbase”. And yet more.
Mr Johnson said: ‘It was a colossal mistake in the 1990s to divide DFID from the Foreign Office’ … Explaining his move, Boris added: ‘If we are going to be in this great global campaigner for free trade, then we have got to maximise the value of overseas engagements … Priti and I are now working much more closely with our departments … We now have double-hatted ministers, and are basically trying to bring the Foreign Office and DFID back together”. Double-hatted ministers, readers! Crikey!! Oo-er!!! Yikes!!!!

So more stirring by the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker, and Bozza dutifully doing as he is told by the twinkle-toed yet domestically combative Rebekah Brooks, currently believed to hold the keys to the modern equivalent of the Sun’s safe full of incriminating material.

And in case anyone still doesn’t believe brave Bozza is doing the Dirty Digger’s bidding, the latest photo of The Blond from the Tory Party Conference should put them straight: there is Bozza out having a morning jog, and alongside him is … Tony Gallagher, still hanging on by his fingertips to the editor’s chair at the Sun. The deeply unpleasant Gallagher has been put on minder duty, and is not in a position to refuse.
Yes, they even gave him a minder

Such are the lengths to which the Murdoch mafiosi are prepared to go in order to destabilise our democratically elected Government, which may be a shaky coalition that needs the DUP to survive, but at least has the advantage of its members having been elected - unlike the goons from the Sun. The Murdochs do not like the delay to the Sky bid one bit, especially if it means more misdeeds from Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) are relayed to the culture secretary. So they’ll keep stirring.

I told you the Murdochs were working Bozza. Now he’s been given a minder as well. How they manage to exercise this hold on him we may soon find out. But not just yet.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know which is a funnier sight: PMQs with Damian Green's hand up May's arse working her, or Murdoch's varicose-veined hand up Bozo's working HIM.

Sooty and Creep. Interchangeable.