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Wednesday 11 October 2017

FLA Bans Tommy Robinson

After the Football Lads Alliance rallied and marched in London last Saturday, the gathering being attended by somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 people - although in the retelling this has been talked up to 70,000 - came the discussion and controversy. Was this another entrĂ©e for the far right? Was there a racist and/or extremist element? What kind of “terror” were they against, all terror or just the kind claimed by ISIS?
Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka Tommy Robinson

Also controversial was the presence of a number of speakers and hangers-on, with some being pulled from the line-up at the last minute. It seemed that the FLA, despite its founder being a known football hooligan with a long record of banning orders, wanted to distance itself from the real headbangers, the Islamophobes, the racists and those who might use such an organisation for their personal aggrandisement.
All of which brings us to Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. He’s very clear that he isn’t a racist, and is prepared to drive 150 miles late at night (twice) and violate someone’s privacy just to make his point. Lennon turned up at Saturday’s event claiming to be a journalist. But not all involved with the FLA were happy for him to be associated with them, especially a man called Phil Campion.
Campion is a former soldier and was in the SAS. This affords him a significant status within the FLA; anyone from the military commands respect for the service they have given their country, and for groups like the FLA this is important. It shows they have discipline and determination in their ranks, not just a bunch of hooligans. But Campion is proving bad news for Stephen Yaxley Lennon, because he’s told him to eff off.
Worse that that, it appears that Campion has said that Lennon has been “labelled a racist”. This has caused The Great Man to have a late night meltdown, which with his customary vanity he recorded for posterity. Lennon’s outrage then spilled over into his Twitter feed. “Hi Phil have you really called me a racist tonight @bigphilcampion?” was his starter, but Campion did not. His video proving this can be seen HERE.
That counted for nothing with Lennon. “I’ve just watched your video. @bigphilcampion you said I wasn’t welcome at the demo this sat? Your direct tweets to me tell a diff story … Big Phil campion “political correctness must be stopped” the. Because of political correctness he tells me to fuck off … Surely you can find ten mins within your busy week to meet me . I’ll drive wherever you tell me to @bigphilcampion I’m free all day”.
But as long as Phil Campion enjoys his current status with the FLA, Lennon is, it seems, persona non grata at their events. And what he said about Lennon is on the money: the former EDL head man is routinely “labelled a racist”, and by a wide range of commentators. Also, the taint he brings with him is not something that Campion of anyone else can help him with. His Islam-bashing agenda is public knowledge.

Like Lennon’s criminal record, which means his talk to a group of students at a University in the USA had to be streamed, because he’s banned from entering that country. And now he’s too toxic for the FLA. The Curse of Zelo has claimed another victim.

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