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Thursday 19 October 2017

Katie Hopkins Assassination Lies

Pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins is never backwards in coming forwards to give offence, incite a little hatred here and there, smear those whose views and lifestyles she does not understand, or otherwise promote her strange looking-glass world. But as with so many others in her position, she also conforms to Olbermann’s Dictum - “the right exists in a perpetual state of victimhood” - when she deems it necessary.
Viewers may still want to look away now

And Ms Hopkins has deemed it necessary to play the victim, as well as indulging her paranoia about the hated BBC and bending the facts beyond the limit of their elasticity, after she discovered that a musical entitled The Assassination of Katie Hopkins was to open in the new year at Mold’s Theatr Clwyd. What the presentation is really about does not matter to Ms Hopkins; merely that she plays the victim about it.
The new musical does not show the supposed assassination, and nor does it make any suggestion or invitation to any kind of violent act. This does not get in Ms Hopkins’ way. Her first reaction was to talk well, and lie badly. This she did: “The Assassination of Katie Hopkins. An invitation. In every sense” she whined. An invitation to what?

She suggested the Guardian was part of this “invitation”. So what have they said? “The Assassination of Katie Hopkins is a provocatively titled musical scheduled to open in spring next year which uses her fictional death as a way to explore wider issues of ‘truth, celebrity and public outrage’ … The rightwing Mail Online columnist divides opinion like few others. She is detested or loved. The show’s co-writer, Chris Bush, said she hoped the production would challenge audiences’ preconceptions about Hopkins”.
No invitation to anything, other than to go along and see a musical. Fortunately for Hatey Katie, someone else had not understood what the production was about, and after they Tweeted “‘Assassination of Katie Hopkins’ Play: the title is an invitation to kill Hopkins, but in the end BBC says ‘the intention wasn't to offend’”, thus perpetuating her lies, that meant she was right and, and as the BBC had mentioned it, they were wrong.
The state broadcaster promoting my assassination. Curious times” she mused, with many of her gullible followers entering nodding donkey mode and advocating the closing of the BBC, blaming the left, and saying it would have been different if the subject of the musical had been one of those Scary Muslims (tm). And we don’t have a state broadcaster.

Not surprisingly, the Beeb had reacted strongly to Ms Hopkins’ casual defamation, pointing out “the Tweet you have issued on the subject is inaccurate and grossly misleading … misleading Tweets like the one you have posted on this subject do nothing to lower the temperature and make [real death threats] less likely”. Indeed, but Hatey Katie is not interested in lowering the temperature, far less being honest.
If lying and smearing - plus that victimhood - is what is required to secure More And Bigger Self-Promotion Opportunities For Herself Personally Now, that is what Katie Hopkins will do. Nobody is making threats or inviting murder. She’s full of wind and piss.

And that Mail Online contract expires next month. Sad, really.


Anonymous said...

KH's contract may be ending next month, but is it being renewed? If she generates traffic, I can't see any reason not to.

Ted Bangor said...

If only people would stop talking about (ie promoting) the self promoting bint, eh Tim!

Anonymous said...

The statement 'the intention was never to offend' came from someone at the theatre that will stage the musical and the BBC quoted it.

Unknown said...

The harsh truth? Katie Hopkins isn't worth assassinating. She does far more damage to the forces of evil by being alive.

Rivo said...

It would seem that Hopkins has been triggered by the play's title, so she should probably swallow her own advice and stop being such a snowflake about it all, after all it's just robust freedom of speech, like when she called for gunboats in the Med to fire on refugee boats...

Rob Smith said...

Whatever it's about that is one provocatively titled production. I think the subject of it is entitled to baulk at it. On the incomplete information to hand I'm gonna side with Katie just this once.