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Wednesday 4 October 2017

Boris Churchill Comparison FAIL

This week’s Tory Party Conference in Manchester has had precious little to set the assembled punditry’s pulses racing: much of the time, the main conference venue at Manchester Central has been all but empty, as most of the party’s MPs have found better things to do than waste their time and money actually turning up. So, sadly and inevitably, there was a disproportionate amount of coverage for one party hero.
No prizes for guessing that the hero of the hour for the gullible and desperate was London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, who gave his usual faux showman’s speech to grateful delegates yesterday afternoon, and whose performance, although not in the least original or amusing, was lionised by the press.
A total Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

The fawning idiocy of the Fourth Estate was typified by the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph, which had led on Bozza’s baloney. “The roaring lion … Johnson channels Churchill with call for Britain to be bold and seize opportunities of Brexit in speech to galvanise the Tories” eulogises the toe-curlingly embarrassing headline.
Churchill - not being channelled by Bozza

The supporting article was equally bad. “BORIS JOHNSON invoked his hero, Sir Winston Churchill, as he told the Conservative Party to ‘be bold’ and to ‘let the lion roar’ yesterday in a party conference speech designed to rally Tory supporters … The Foreign Secretary insisted Britain can ‘win the future’ in an address that received a standing ovation from cheering party members”. We were also told which age of Churchill was being invoked.
A photo of Winshton from the war years is captioned “Winston Churchill in the 1941 ‘Roaring Lion’ portrait, channelled by Boris Johnson in his speech”. Ri-i-i-ight.

The Churchill of 1941 may have been defiant. He also led a country so close to both bankruptcy and capitulation that it had to be kept afloat by the generosity of Franklin Roosevelt and the United States Congress. Moreover, Churchill, in his many ministerial roles, was not given to the serial disloyalty displayed by Bozza.
On top of that, he was not prone to smearing hundreds of thousands of his fellow Britons as “wallowing in victimhood”. He was not a congenital liar, nor a serial philanderer. His motivation in leading Britain during the war years was to see his country through, and see off the Third Reich. Bozza’s sole motivation is the promotion of Himself Personally Now.

Churchill was not given to crass and insensitive diplomatic gaffes, like trying to recite Kipling in a Buddhist temple, or talking of “watermelon smiles”, or, his latest idiocy, claim that Libya could be the next Dubai once they “clear the dead bodies away”, this last even disgusting some of his own MPs, such as South Cambridgeshire’s Heidi Allen.
Boris Johnson would not have reached up to Churchill’s ankles. It is one of the great failings of modern British politics, and especially modern British political reporting, that anyone would be foolish enough to even try and make the comparison.

And the use of Preventive Incantation to avoid the looming reality of what Brexit will really bring is not going to stop the onrush of reality. Must try harder, press people.


Anonymous said...

What were those idiots laughing at when Boris said that Libya could be the next Dubai once they 'cleared the dead bodies away'? Did they hear a subliminal 'der diddly der der - DERR DERR!!!'?

http://www.thesocialshuttle.com/ said...

Surely Churchill was all for a united Europe for obvious reasons after WW2. A pox on the Telegraph and the Tory media. How dare they call themselves "conservatives".

rob said...

***Party Conference Season***

'Twas beer time at the circus: Boris the Clown was there
Through hoops he skipped, high wires he tripped, and all the while the glare
of the aching, baking spotlight beat down upon his cloak
and though the crowd clapped furiously they could not see the joke

'Twas beer time at the circus, though some might not agree
as jugglers danced, and horses pranced and clowns clowned endlessly
But trunk to tail the elephants quite silent, never spoke
and though the crowd clapped desperately they could not see the joke

(slightly amended Keith Reid lyrics from the acrostically titled "In held twas in I " - Procol Harum)

Anonymous said...

All you have to do with the tories is wait long enough.

Sooner or later one of them vomits something that tells you, propaganda aside, what they're REALLY like. This latest Bozo Bullshit is merely another example. But it wants some beating even by the "standards" of stone cold insensitive toryism. At that "level" even mass killing and social destruction simply doesn't matter. We know to our cost they have done both, the latter at home and the former abroad.

Bozo's biggest sin in their eyes is that he's gone public with it instead of the more usual hypocrisy. He's Britain's Herman Goering, a dangerous buffoon on the make.

Don't think any of the others are much different. One look at that awful crooked mouth of May's - let alone what comes out of it - tells you all you need to know about them. They'll never, ever change. They'll always be the same ugly gang of nastzis they've always been. Anyone waiting for change might as well wait for Godot.

Pat Martin said...

Churchill did change parties (twice) and call Ghandi a "fake fakir in a loin cloth. He also gassed hundreds of Iraqis. So maybe not so different after all...