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Sunday 8 October 2017

Katie Hopkins Kensington SHAME

Yesterday’s traffic accident on Kensington’s Exhibition Road, a part of London busy with tourists for most of the year, will have worried many who work in our tourism industry. More than three million jobs depend, at least in part, on the tourist trade, many of them not well paid and most of them vulnerable to a downturn in business that would result from visitors being put off by the fear of terror attacks. This London’s Mayor knows well.
Viewers may still want to look away now

So Sadiq Khan was quick to reassure Londoners and visitors after the incident. Sadly, one of those who has made it her life’s work to snipe at Khan because his religious persuasion has incurred her displeasure was only too quick to piss all over those three million workers before finding out what really happened: step forward pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins.
Hatey Katie was in no doubt as to what had happened. As soon as news arrived telling that a car had “mounted the pavement” (Exhibition Road’s shared space area does not have a pavement to mount), off she went. “Utter bastards”. Who? What? No matter, off she went again: “Dear tourist, right now London is not worth the risk. Utter bastard”.
Whatever did she mean? Who knows, and, indeed, who cares? But Ms Hopkins was only getting warmed up. “Come on then. Let’s hear it. You want to ban all cars? That’s how it works, right? #VegasMassacre”. Vegas Massacre? Was there shooting? There was more. “I apologise for the state of London, sir. The Mayor has let us all down. It is simply not worth the risk”. That was to someone in the Netherlands intending to visit the capital.
Yes, there she was, happily spraying all over the tourism industry. And it got worse. “London is not worth the risk” said someone who was more than 175 miles from London at the time. But even if she was somewhere in Devon, she knew more than everyone else put together. “Golly @TwitterMoments - Did the car ‘involve’ itself? Was it a driverless car” was the sniping response to news presentation of which she disapproved.
Would no-one say “terrorism”? Would no-one blame the Scary Muslims (tm)? Well, the BBC certainly wouldn’t, and so Ms Hopkins put the boot in on them. “State propaganda does not get more blatant”. Wibble. Could it get worse? As if you need to ask. “Breaking: Scotland Yard say driver mowing people down at #NaturalHistory not terror. Was racist Christians attacking his car from underneath”. Wibble indeed.
She wasn’t finished. “Whatever you decide to believe. Believe this. London is no place for our children”. And with that, having trashed the reputation of our capital city and its tourist industry, and recklessly endangered thousands of jobs, the realisation dawned that she was, not for the first time, plain flat wrong. There was only one thing to do. “I am deleting all Tweets from the last two hours. I hope you stay safe”.

But, as can be seen, those Tweets had been preserved so that we could all see what a shameless cretin Katie Hopkins really is. She ought to say sorry, but that will never happen, because being Katie Hopkins means never having to say you’re sorry.


Anonymous said...

"Was racist Christians attacking his car from underneath”.

I'm an atheist, but there's only one suitable response to that load of old fish heads:





AndyC said...

Lets have a piece on that woman without her photograph, PLEASE.

Unknown said...

It really is about time this woman was taken to task by Police for preaching hate. Her words are designed to inflame. She often gets her facts wrong and as in this case there is no apology. Full meltdown yesterday in a total knee jerk reaction before engaging brain. Someone asked the other day who she actually was, just someone who took part in a reality tv show. It seems that her grasp on reality is slipping. She is a menace.

Carol Croft said...

Katie Hopkins is a very successful terrorist.