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Saturday 10 August 2013

Stephen Fry Versus Daily Mail

[Update at end of post]

The legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre has once again been displeased by the tendency of Stephen Fry to indulge in free speech, which as any fule kno is only A Good Thing if the Vagina Monologue and his obedient hackery deem it to be so. Moreover, Fry has voiced his disquiet over discrimination against gays in Russia, while the country has been awarded a number of major sporting events.
What's f***ing wrong with kicking gays, c***?!?

Right now, the World Athletics Championships are being held there – and to disappointingly empty stadia, it seems – and then come the Winter Olympics, to be held in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. What has tipped Dacre over the edge – as so often, one might note – is Fry’s comparison of Vladimir Putin with the mid-30s (so not yet totally OTT) Adolf Hitler.

The Third Reich was adept in gradually picking on one minority after another: it was not only Jews, but also gays, Roma, and a variety of the less than totally able. Thus Fry’s concern that someone should make a stand before Putin gets carried away, given that this is unlikely to come from within Russia, as his grip on the levers of power enables such dissent to be immediately crushed.
What also irks Dacre is that Fry can voice his objections to Young Dave and get a personal reply. This, together with Dacre once again being passed over for a gong, has caused him to explode in a torrent of “drive-by shoutings” at his staff, comprising an even greater incidence of “double c***ing”. He has also ordered Andrew Pierce to hatchet Fry, because, as Pierce likes to let everyone know, he is gay.

By what right does this smug luvvie speak for the civilised world? A fellow gay rights campaigner says it's preposterous for Stephen Fry to compare Russia's treatment of homosexuals to the Holocaust” thunders Pierce’s headline, which is, as the late John Smith might have put it, a bit rich. Pierce’s gay rights campaigning extends to opposing same-sex marriage and wearing a pink shirt.

And he’s not fussed about deploying the odd homophobic smear himself, as when he called Ray Collins’ partner Rafael Ballesterosan exuberant florist”. Backing up Pierce today has come Adrian Hilton, sneeringWhy doesn't Stephen Fry call for a ban on Russian music, theatre and all performing arts?” which Zelo Street regulars will also find a bit rich.

This is because Hilton, who was removed as Tory PPC for Slough after writing in the Speccy that the EU meant aCatholic Caesar presiding over the [British] Protestant monarch”, is also, as I’ve pointed out, virulently homophobic and a proven liar. But, for Paul Dacre, he is a trusted source of comment, because he is adept at putting the boot in on one of the Daily Mail’s hate figures.

What was that about there being no honour among thieves? No change there, then.

[UPDATE 11 August 1530 hours: just to illustrate the power that Stephen Fry's word has versus that of Paul Dacre - which will cause the Vagina Monologue to be yet more full of boiling rage - his call for action against anti-gay prejudice in Russia was not only answered personally by Young Dave, but was also covered extensively by the hated BBC and deeply subversive Guardian.

Not only that, but despite their not being swayed by the call for the winter Olympics to be held elsewhere, both Cameron and Seb Coe agreed that there should be action of some sort. Russia has been forced to explain itself too, asserting that their legislation just bans dissemination of LGBT "propaganda" among children

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